Toyota shows off new mid-sized hydrogen-powered vehicle at Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota shows off new mid-sized hydrogen-powered vehicle at Tokyo Motor Show

December 23, 2011 0 By Stephen Vagus

Toyota has unveiled its new hydrogen-powered vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this month.

The Japanese automaker, who has made a name for itself in the alternative energy community with the Prius, has begun focusing on hydrogen fuel for the foreseeable future. This focus on hydrogen aligns with the goals of other automakers that have already been working on implementing the fuel for several years. Toyota revealed its medium-sized fuel cell concept car at the Motor Show, saying that the technology used in the vehicle will be identical to that used in its production counterpart.

Toyota has revealed that it will be launching their hydrogen-powered vehicle to the commercial market in 2015. This is roughly two years after other major automakers plan to launch their vehicles. Toyota’s reasoning for the delay stems from the lack of a viable hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Without a proper infrastructure, the future of hydrogen fuel in transportation is quite bleak.

Toyota, along with other automakers, has been working in earnest to establish this infrastructure.

The Japanese car manufacturer has plans to produce a hydrogen-powered SUV as well. This SUV has already seen some road testing in California and Japan, where hydrogen fuel is in abundance. Toyota has said that the SUV would be a more costly option for those interested in alternatively-powered transportation. As such, the new medium-sized vehicle will be a more cost effective option.

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