UK’s Green Deal: Is it At Par with the Rest of Europe?

UK’s Green Deal: Is it At Par with the Rest of Europe?

March 10, 2013 0 By Press Release

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Most homeowners in the UK want to switch to renewable energy consumption.

They think that it is the most efficient way that will enable them to live sustainably at home. That is the reason why the UK government developed the Green Deal scheme. However, is the UK’s Green Deal at par with the rest of Europe? Are there any improvements made by the government to make it more reliable and efficient?

The Green Deal scheme is a flagship green programme of the UK government, which aims to cut carbon emissions and reduce the nation’s energy bills. Even if it was launched twice, there are still some people who aren’t familiar with it. The scheme is said to make energy improvements to homes and it includes the installation of solar panels, new boilers, and insulation by means of drawing out a long-term loan. You have to pay it back through charges on your monthly electricity bills.

The European Commission has approved the UK Green Deal on the 5th of February this year. European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, in charge of competition policy said that the UK Green Deal allows consumers and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings without making huge upfront investments. This is another example of how the policy of state aid control can help private ventures in energy savings and boost competition all at once.

UK’s Green Deal and Europe

The utilisation of renewable energy isn’t only contentious in the UK. Other European countries such as Germany, Spain, and Mexico opt to go green by switching to the utilisation of renewable energy.

A group called the Green New Deal is now calling out to countries to put forward a new remedy in saving the economy and environment of European countries and develop a scheme like the Green Deal. It aims to transform the economy of the countries into a massive environmental revolution. The Green New Deal was inspired from the UK’s Green Deal. The Green New Deal group believes that if rich nations like the UK can show that they can implement change at home, then perhaps poorer countries are likely to make the shift.

So how does this Green New Deal work and what can it offer you? If the UK’s Green Deal works with your monthly heating bills, the European Green New Deal scheme works with new bonds and people’s pensions directed at the renewable energy of the country’s framework. UK’s Green Deal also helped produce numerous new job opportunities for the whole Europe and all persons hired were trained accordingly to their employment.

There are really many ways that you can invest in the future. If your country spends on a green new deal, then it will definitely give environmental, economical, and social benefits. The UK’s Green Deal and Europe’s Green New Deal will help lead European people into a way that could make the environment greener and improve the economy both nationally and globally. 

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