University of California sees success with ambitious power-to-gas project

December 12, 2016 0 By John Max

Engineers use renewable energy to generate hydrogen in new power-to-gas project

Engineers from the University of California have announced the successful implementation of the nation’s first power-to-gas hydrogen pipeline injection project. The project is meant to demonstrate how excess electricity can be put to use rather than allowing this energy to go to waste. Power-to-gas operations have begun to attract a great deal of attention because of this. Hydrogen has become a very popular tool for power-to-gas systems as it can serve as an effective method of chemical storage.

Storing clean energy as hydrogen is becoming an attractive prospect

Power-to-gas aims to leverage the power of renewable energy systems, which often generate excess electricity due to their intermittent nature. The electricity generated by solar panels and wind turbines can be used to produce hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen can then be stored for long periods of time before it is used by a fuel cell to generate electricity. Because of its focus on renewable energy, power-to-gas has brought renewable hydrogen production to the forefront.

Project attracts strong support from utilities and Proton OnSite

Power-to-gas ResearchThe project from the University of California began taking form last summer after receiving financial support from the Southern California Gas Company. Proton OnSite is supporting the project as well, providing an electrolyzer that will produce the hydrogen needed for the project. The project has reached a major milestone in successfully generating hydrogen through the use of renewable energy, thereby storing this energy as hydrogen itself.

Renewable hydrogen production can be accomplished through power-to-gas systems

Renewable hydrogen production has become a major priority for the clean energy world. Hydrogen has become a very popular fuel for the auto industry, with most major automakers developing vehicles equipped with fuel cells. These energy systems are also being used to provide power to a variety of different industries. Power-to-gas can serve as an effective means of generating hydrogen fuel while also providing an efficient way to store renewable energy that is produced by solar and wind farms.

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