US may not be able to meet its renewable energy goals by 2050

US may not be able to meet its renewable energy goals by 2050

June 23, 2017 0 By Stephen Vagus

Study suggests that the country may miss its renewable energy targets due to narrow focus

The United States may need to expand its energy focus if it intends to become carbon neutral in the future. A new study from a group of 21 academic and private energy researchers argues that the country’s focus on renewable energy is too narrow. As such, the U.S. may not be able to meet its environmental goals of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Moreover, the country may not even be able to significantly reduce its consumption of fossil-fuels unless it embraces a larger perspective on renewable energy.

US may need to significantly expand its perspective on clean power

The study suggests that the United States must make use of the broadest range of clean technologies and renewable energy sources. Solar and wind have already received significant support in the country, but the study notes that the U.S. must also make use of nuclear power, geothermal, and other clean energy sources. In terms of technology, the country must also make better use of carbon capture and energy storage, which will cut down on emissions production.

Political blowback and economic challenges may slow the adoption of renewable energy

While the study highlights the importance of renewable energy, researchers suggest that becoming 100% reliant on clean power by 2050 is not possible or economically feasible. Politics plays a major role in the energy field and researchers suggest that political conflicts may undermine the future adoption of renewable energy. Moreover, modernizing the country’s energy grid to accommodate clean power will be a costly endeavor, which may present many financial challenges to states throughout the country.

Clean power goal remains popular despite potential challenges

Reaching the 100% renewable energy goal will be challenging, but this has become a very popular endeavor among energy and environmental advocates. Several states have already committed themselves to abandoning fossil-fuels in the coming years, showing greater favor for renewable energy sources. These states will be contributing to the country’s overall environmental goals, but whether or not the U.S. will be able to overcome economic and political challenges remains unknown.

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