Vestas partnership to bring 2 wind turbine farms to Japan

Vestas partnership to bring 2 wind turbine farms to Japan

July 3, 2020 0 By Alicia Moore

The Danish company is partnering with Tokyu Land Corporation and Japan Wind Development.

Danish firm Vestas has partnered up with two Japanese companies for a supply contract for two wind turbine farms in Japan.

The contract will mean that the three companies will be providing 76 MW of turbines.

Vestas will be supplying the Chitose Wind Farm and the Noheji Mutsuwan Wind Farm in Japan’s Aomori prefecture. These wind turbine farms are a new component of the country’s growing effort to move toward renewable energy sources.

“Projects like Chitose and Noheji Mutsuwan wind farms demonstrate Vestas’ market experience, broad service solutions, and extensive supply chain to provide the best return of investment for the lifecycle of a wind farm,” said Clive Turton, Vestas chief executive officer of Asia-Pacific. “We are proud that customers all throughout our region can turn to Vestas’ broad range of industry-leading and cost-efficient energy solutions.”

The Chitose wind turbine farms will receive four Vestas V117-3.45 MW and six V105-3.45 MW units.

The Noheji Mutsuwan location will receive eleven V105-3.45 MW units. All the units will be delivered in 3.6 MW Power Optimised Mode.

The partnership among the three companies, including Tokyu Land and Japan Wind, is to design turbines that are specifically optimized to the needs of a Japanese location. For instance, that country faces powerful natural events such as earthquakes and typhoons. The turbines must be designed to withstand those events, at least to a practical and worthwhile extent.

According to Vestas, each unit will also be built upon 94-meter towers (nearly 310 feet). These will each be constructed to withstand seismic loads, heavy turbulence and extreme wind speeds. Furthermore, the company has signed a multi-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement for the two locations.

Vestas plans to equip the two wind turbine farms within the first quarter of 2021. They will be commissioned in Q4 2021. “We are grateful to partner with Vestas and Japan Wind Development on our first project in the Aomori prefecture, and the company’s eighth wind park,” said a spokesperson for Tokyu Land Corporation. “We would like to express our Wind turbine farms - wind turbines in fieldsincere gratitude for this opportunity and look forward to strengthening the relationship with both companies to further expand our opportunities.”

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