What makes Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” so controversial

What makes Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” so controversial

May 6, 2020 0 By Erin Kilgore

The green energy documentary streaming on YouTube is drawing substantial criticism from all sides.

Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” is keeping up the tradition of his documentaries by drawing considerable criticism and controversy.

There have been calls for the documentary to have substantial segments corrected or to have it taken down.

Moore’s documentary style has long been associated with asking difficult questions and facing hard subjects in challenging times. He is best known for his documentary films “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11”, which were each wrapped in controversy upon their releases as well.

As a result, it isn’t all that shocking that his latest release would also arrive with calls for its removal from YouTube, where it is currently streaming for free. “Planet of the Humans” was first unveiled on April 21. It was produced by Moore but directed by Jeff Gibbs, one of Moore’s long-time collaborators. Its primary argument is that people are losing the climate change-stopping battle because the wrong leaders are in place. The doc is based on more than on decade of research and had been headed to film festivals this spring. The pandemic put that on hold, so Moore and Gibbs decided to release it for free on YouTube.

“Planet of the Humans” takes aim at environmentalists and climate activists for the way they think.

According to critics of this documentary, much of the data cited to support the film’s statements and messages is dated. Moreover, they suggest that much of the data is suspiciously close to the positions of those who are pro-fossil fuel.

Despite the fact that there have been calls for a retraction of the film, by the time this article was written, there wasn’t any indication that YouTube, Moore, Gibbs, or anyone else in control had any intention to do so. This became even less likely when PEN America released a statement saying that removing the documentary would be a form of censorship.

Moore is quite used to the level of controversy drawn by “Planet of the Humans” and has never Planet of the Humans - Fossil Fuelsbefore been willing to share controversial views with the intention of pushing his audience to take another look at the status quo, paradigms and take action to change the way things are being done.

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