Wind energy contracts issued by the Army Corps of Engineers

September 11, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Wind energy systems to be installed at Department of Defense facilities

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced that it has awarded several new contracts to private companies that will be responsible for building wind energy systems at Department of Defense facilities throughout the country. A total of 17 contracts have been awarded to companies that specialize in renewable energy and clean technology. Together, these contracts are worth an estimated $7 billion and may help the Department of Defense move further away from fossil-fuels and help bolster its focus on renewable energy.

Contracts focus on promoting renewable energy adoption

The Army Corps of Engineers has also been issuing contracts to companies concerning the development of geothermal and solar energy. Wind energy is considered the next phase of the organization’s efforts to support the development of new energy systems and the adoption of clean power in the defense sector. Biomass will be the final stage of this initiative and contracts concerning the development of biomass-based energy systems are expected to be issued at some point in 2014.

Wind Energy - Wind TurbinesAgency considers energy a matter of national security

The Department of Defense has taken a strong interest in renewable energy. The federal agency considers climate change and energy to be matters of national security and believes that the country can benefit from a stronger focus on clean power. Wind energy is only one form of clean power that the agency is currently supporting.

Wind energy systems may help agency break reliance on fossil-fuels

Per the contracts issued by the Army Corps of Engineers, the electrical power generated by the new wind energy systems will be purchased by the Department of Energy through a power purchase agreement. This means that taxpayer money will not be involved in the installation or general construction of these wind energy systems. The new wind turbines are also expected to smooth the financial impact of rising fossil-fuel costs for the military in the years to come.

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