Wind energy is gaining more prominence in Denmark

Wind energy is gaining more prominence in Denmark

September 7, 2017 0 By Tami Hood

Company plans to sell country’s last oil business

Denmark is moving ahead with its ambitious wind energy plans. The country’s largest company, A.P. Moller-Maersk, has announced that it will be selling off Denmark’s last oil firm. The company will be selling the oil company to France’s Total in a $7.45 billion deal. The deal is expected to be closed at the end of next year. Denmark will then move aggressively to install new wind turbines in order to continue its move toward a more sustainable future.

Denmark continues to lead the wind power market in Europe

Over the past few years, Denmark has established itself as a leading producer of wind power. Many of the energy companies in Denmark have moved to embrace wind as a primary form of energy generation. The most prolific of these companies is Dong Energy. Three months ago, Dong Energy began leading the development of offshore wind energy projects throughout Europe and the United States. The company also sold its oil and gas businesses to a German company, highlighting Dong Energy’s growing focus on clean power.

Offshore wind projects are gaining traction throughout the world

Offshore wind energy has been thriving in recent years as more companies and countries begin to enter into this sector. The offshore wind industry is expected to generate some 17,575 megawatts of electrical power this year. The majority of this energy will come from projects in Europe, with approximately 2,805 megawatts of energy coming from offshore projects in Asia. North America currently generates 30 megawatts of offshore wind energy, as the country’s first offshore wind farm has only recently begun generating electricity.

European countries aim to use wind power in order to cut emissions

Europe is likely to remain a leading force in the wind power sector, with Denmark serving as a prominent market for new projects. Several European countries have plans to use wind power to help them distance themselves from fossil-fuels. These countries believe that wind farms will help them reduce emissions and become more environmentally friendly.

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