Denmark and China will work together to build new offshore wind energy system

Denmark and China will work together to build new offshore wind energy system

September 6, 2017 0 By Stephen Vagus

New offshore project is to be developed by Denmark and China

Denmark will be working with China to develop a new offshore wind energy system, according to the country’s energy minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt. The new offshore system will be built in China. Currently, the project is in very early stages of development. According to Lilleholt, suppliers for the wind turbines that the project will use have not yet been chosen. Moreover, exactly when principle development on the new wind farm will begin is not yet known.

China continues to show interest in offshore wind farms

Offshore wind energy has become quite popular in Europe, with several countries opting to invest in the development of new offshore projects. China has been somewhat slow to embrace offshore wind farms, but the national government has shown interest in such projects. China’s interest in offshore wind farms has to do with the economic prospects that these projects represent. Offshore projects can create many new jobs and generate revenue for both local governments and the national government.

Denmark has praised offshore projects in the past

Denmark is home to several offshore wind farms. The country has been supporting these projects for many years and has praised offshore projects for their ability to generate large amounts of electrical power. Offshore wind farms can, potentially, generate more energy than their onshore counterparts. This has made them quite attractive in countries that have a strong interest in wind power.

China’s wind capacity continues to grow

Wind power has established a strong foothold in China. Last year, 19.3 gigawatts of wind capacity was installed in the country, with the majority of this capacity coming from onshore wind farms. Now, China has approximately 149 gigawatts of total installed wind capacity. This capacity generates 241 terawatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to satisfy 4% of China’s total energy needs. Offshore wind farms will help further increase clean power generation, allowing China to move away from fossil-fuels and reduce the production of harmful emissions.

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