Wind energy makes up bulk of Spain’s power in 2013

January 14, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

Report highlights the capabilities of Spain’s wind energy systems

Spain Wind EnergyRed Electra de Espana, a partly-state owned energy utility in Spain, has released a new report concerning the country’s use of wind power. Spain has been investing heavily in wind energy and clean technology over the past few years. Wind has been considered an ideal way to resolve some of the country’s economic problems. Indeed, many European countries that have suffered in the wake of the recent financial crisis have begun to turn to renewable energy, hoping to use it as a tool to achieve economic stability.

Wind helps reduce Spain’s emissions

According to the report, wind energy contributed the majority of new electricity generated in Spain throughout 2013. The country’s wind turbines were able to accommodate the majority of demand for electrical power from consumers and businesses alike. As a result, Spain’s greenhouse gas emissions throughout 2013 are estimated to have fallen by 23%, with energy costs also dropping significantly as Spain reduces its focus on fossil-fuels. The report shows that wind energy was able to beat out nuclear power when it comes to electricity production.

More than 53,000 gigawatt-hours of wind power produced in 2013

The report shows that wind farms in Spain generated a total of 53,926 gigawatt-hours of energy in 2013, a 12% increase over what wind farms had produced in 2012. Wind is not the only source of clean power in Spain, however. The country has long invested in hydropower and heavy rainfall in 2013 has increase the energy production from hydroelectric system by 16% in 2013 over what it had been in 2012. The report notes that wind energy is currently providing more electrical power than Spain’s other sources of energy.

Wind is gaining more support throughout Europe

Wind has become quite attractive for many European countries. The United Kingdom, for instance, has adopted a strong focus on offshore wind power, even redirecting its energy subsidies to support the development of wind projects. Germany has also taken a strong interest in wind power, supporting a variety of onshore projects that promise to cut down on the country’s emissions and consumption of fossil-fuels.

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