Wind turbine energy helps to increase green power generation in the UK

August 5, 2014 0 By Amanda Giasson

UK green energy reaches 15% in 2013, hitting record high.

Wind turbine energy has really taken off in Britain as over 900 onshore and offshore wind turbines were constructed throughout last year, which cost approximately £3 billion in subsidies and resulted in nearly a one third increase in renewable energy production.

Electricity generated from renewable sources has increased.

Based on government statistics released last week, this is about a one third increase from 2012 when the percentage of renewable power was 11.3%. That being said, despite boosting its alternative energy efforts, the United Kingdom still relies heavily on coal power. Burning coal is considered to be one of the dirtiest forms of energy production.

According to statistics, coal-fired power plants were responsible for over a third of electricity in the UK in 2013, while two fifths of imported coal was from Russia. Meanwhile, 27% of the UK electricity was the product of gas-fired power plants and 20% came from nuclear reactors.

Wind turbine energy lead to the country’s biggest boost in renewable power.

Wind energy that resulted from the construction of more wind farms generated 9% of Britain’s electricity, making it the biggest producer of green power in the nation. Furthermore, this is a 3% increase from the nation’s total 6% wind power production in 2012.wind turbine energy - UK green power increase

According to Renewable UK, not only were there over 900 wind turbines installed over the course of 2013, but 646 wind turbines were installed on land at 139 different sites, resulting in a 40% increase of power from onshore wind farms. As for offshore wind farms, 279 turbines were added at sea at four sites, which increased offshore wind energy production by 52%.

The energy secretary, Ed Davey said that the UK’s huge green energy investment “is accelerating, with 2013 a record year, with almost £8 billion invested across range of renewable technologies.” He added that “Having a strong UK renewable sector helps to reduce our foreign imports of energy, improving our energy security, as well as helping us tackle climate change and creating new hi-tech green jobs.”

Some energy companies in the country are complaining that the government’s investment in wind turbine energy will mean that other power plants will have a difficult time running and this could drive up residential electricity costs.

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