Zerotracer proves viability of electric vehicles

Zerotracer proves viability of electric vehicles

January 30, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson


Zerotracer  lays criticism of clean transportation to rest

Electric vehicles are often criticized as being inefficient and unfeasible in the current transportation environment. Despite the interest surrounding clean transportation, these vehicles are often pushed aside due to a variety of reasons, including the lack of a proper infrastructure to support them and their limited operational range. With the viability of electric vehicles often in question, there exists an opportunity for intrepid parties to show that these vehicles are much more capable than many of their critics believe. This is an opportunity that the Zerotracer is willing to take.

Major accomplishment could change the way people see electric vehicles

The Zerotracer is an electric motorcycle that is equipped with lithium-ion batteries and an electric motor developed by Brusa. The motorcycle was manufactured in 2009 by Designwerk, a prominent design company based in Switzerland. Throughout the years, the Zerotracer has managed to grab the attention of those interested in clean transportation, showing off the capabilities of electric vehicles. Recently, the Zerotracer embarked on a journey that is expected to have a major impact on the way people see electric vehicles.

Zerotracer travels the world for just $400

The Zerotracer has accomplished a trek around the world in only 80 days. The distance traveled is a major milestone for the Zerotracer, and electric vehicles in general, but the cost of the adventure is something incredible in and of itself. The trek, in its entirety, cost only $400, immediately making the Zerotracer one of the most efficient vehicle that has ever traveled around the world. Due to the motorcycle’s technology, its batteries can be fully charged in only 15 minutes, allowing it to quickly recharge at several points along it journey, all at a very minimal cost.

Motocycle may provide auto industry with good example of what an electric vehicle should be

The Zerotracer has proven to be a powerful example of electric vehicles. The technology used in the motorcycle is very similar to that used in conventional vehicles, though somewhat smaller and significantly more efficient. Automakers may be able to take a lesson away from Zerotracer, using the accomplishments the electric vehicle has made to make improvements to their own models in the future.

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