Shell set to help build California’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure

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Shell has joined the California Fuel Cell Partnership

The California Fuel Cell Partnership has announced that Shell has joined its ranks. Shell has become the first energy company to officially join the organization. The California Fuel Cell Partnership is comprised of various automakers, government agencies, and companies focused on the use of fuel cells. One of the primary goals of the organization is to promote the adoption of fuel cell vehicles and ensure their success in California.

Shell will help build new hydrogen fuel stations

As part of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, Shell will play a role in expanding California’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The company already operates two hydrogen fuel stations in the state, which are located in Newport Beach and Torrance. The company was recently awarded funding from California’s Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program. This funding will be used by Shell to build seven more hydrogen fuel stations in the state.

California is a leading market for clean vehicles

California is home to the largest hydrogen infrastructures in the United States. As such, the state has become a prominent market for fuel cell vehicles. Automakers that have brought such vehicles to California have managed to find modest success. Consumers are still wary of fuel cell vehicles, however, due to their relatively high cost and the lack of infrastructure support they have. Though California has a somewhat large hydrogen network, it still has too few hydrogen stations to ensure the widespread adoption of fuel cell vehicles.

California is keen to see the success of fuel cell vehicles

As part of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, Shell and its affiliates will be participating in various initiatives. Many of these initiatives are focused on promoting the adoption of hydrogen for transportation purposes. California is eager to secure the success of fuel cell vehicles in order to continue existing as a major market for clean transportation. These vehicles will also help the state accomplish its environmental goals in reducing the production of harmful emissions.

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