Fuel cell vehicles are slowly gaining momentum

Fuel cell vehicles are slowly gaining momentum

February 28, 2018 3 By Stephen Vagus

Report highlights the modest success that hydrogen-powered cars are beginning to see

Fuel cell vehicles are slowly beginning to gain traction in some parts of the world, but they have yet to find any mainstream success. According to a report from Information Trends, approximately 6,500 hydrogen-powered cars are in operation today. The majority of these vehicles are found in the United States, where California has become one of the world’s leading markets for clean vehicles. Approximately 38% of all fuel cell vehicles can be found in Japan, with 9% currently in operation in Europe.

Toyota accounts for the majority of fuel cell vehicles that have been delivered

Of the automakers that have developed and launched fuel cell vehicles, Toyota leads the way. The automaker delivered 75% of the hydrogen-powered cars that are currently in operation. The Japanese company is one of the few major automakers that has already released a fuel cell car, with the others being Honda and Hyundai. By 2021, the number of automakers that have released such vehicles is expected to reach 11. Many of the fuel cell vehicles that will be released in the coming years will likely find some success in China, where clean transportation has become a major priority for the government.

Automakers are working to overcome challenges they see in clean transportation

Automakers have been hard at work to make improvements to existing fuel cell technology in order to make these energy systems more efficient and less expensive. Toyota and Hyundai have made progress in this endeavor and hope that new fuel cell systems will be used in their future vehicles. The greatest challenge facing these companies, however, is the lack of infrastructure support. There are a very small number of hydrogen fueling stations open to the public, which has made fuel cell vehicles less attractive to consumers. To combat this, automakers have been investing heavily in the development of new fueling stations. Many of these stations are likely to come online within the next two years.

California has become the largest market for fuel cell cars

In the United States, California has established itself as a major clean transportation hub. The state has invested heavily in promoting the adoption of clean vehicles for several years. Now, California is working to ensure that fuel cell vehicles find the level of success that their battery-powered counterparts have experienced. The state’s efforts have made it the largest market for hydrogen-powered cars in the world.

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