New fuel cell vehicles have been delivered to London, Paris, and Brussels

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Multi-level car park

Fleet of 60 hydrogen-powered cars have come to European cities A fleet of 60 fuel cell vehicles have been deployed in the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium as part of Europe’s ZEFER project. The project aims to deliver 180 new hydrogen-powered vehicles to Europe. These vehicles will be used as taxis, private-hire cars, and will also be used by law enforcement agencies. The fuel cell vehicles are part of an overarching effort to make transportation throughout Europe more environmentally friendly. New vehicles will provide data on the operation of fuel…

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H2 Mobility opens new hydrogen fuel station in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel - More Hydrogen Stations Needed

New hydrogen station has been opened in Southern Germany H2 Mobility, a joint venture focused on developing Europe’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure, has opened a new fueling station in Germany. The new station is located between Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria in the southern regions of the country. H2 Mobility owns and operates the fueling station but the technology that it uses has been provided by Air Liquide. The new station is one of many that are planned to be built throughout Germany to prepare the country for the widespread adoption of new…

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Mirai reaches new milestone in California

Mirai reaches milestone in California - California welcome sign

Toyota has sold more than 3,000 fuel cell vehicles in California Toyota has reached a new milestone with its fuel cell vehicle in California. The Japanese automaker has announced that it has surpassed 3,000 units of its Mirai sold in the state. The Mirai now accounts for more than 80% of all fuel cell vehicles in operation throughout the United States. Toyota brought the vehicle to California to take advantage of the state’s growing focus on and support for clean transportation. The state is currently home to the largest hydrogen…

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New hydrogen fuel station opens in France

Hydrogen Fuel Station - Image of Fueling Station

Air Liquide and Groupe ADP come together to launch a new fueling facility Air Liquide and Groupe ADP have opened their first hydrogen fuel station within an airport zone in France. The new hydrogen station was designed and installed by Air Liquide and will be partially used to support the expansion of “Hype,” the first hydrogen-powered taxi fleet. The hydrogen station is meant to bolster the infrastructure support that fuel cell vehicles would have in the Greater Paris Area. As this infrastructure expands, more consumers may be willing to purchase…

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Fuel cell industry convention to be held in Long Beach this year

Fuel Cell Industry - Image of Long Beach California

Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition will take place in Long Beach, California One of the largest hydrogen-centric conventions will be held in Long Beach, California, this year. The Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition will be home to the largest display of fuel cell technology as well as the companies behind these energy systems. The event will highlight the significant progress that the fuel cell industry has made in recent years. The industry has managed to generate a great deal of momentum due to technological advances and a growing focus on…

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Ballard joins the global Hydrogen Council

Ballard Power Joins Hydrogen Council - Forming of Business Partnership

Ballard will be joining internationally-recognized advisory group Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, has announced that it has been officially invited to join the Hydrogen Council. The organization is an internationally-recognized advisory group. The Hydrogen Council is meant to provide long-term insight on the capabilities of fuel cells and how they can be used in the future. The organization was officially launched earlier this year at the World Economic Forum 2017 in Switzerland. Organization aims to promote the use of fuel cells and hydrogen-based technologies As…

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Air Liquide commissions world’s largest hydrogen storage facility, underground

Hydrogen Storage

New hydrogen storage facility will be located in Texas Air Liquide has commissioned the world’s largest hydrogen storage facility, which will be based in Beaumont, Texas. The new hydrogen storage facility will be located in an underground cavern and will compliment Air Liquide’s already considerable hydrogen supply line. The cavern is 1,500 meters below the surface and is 70 meters in diameter. According to Air Liquide, the cavern will be able to store enough hydrogen to power a backup, large-scale methane reformer for 30 days. Hydrogen continues to grow in…

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Hyundai and Air Liquide join together to promote fuel cell vehicles

Hyundai has agreed to work with Air Liquide in the clean transportation space South Korean automaker Hyundai has entered into an agreement with Air Liquide, a leading producer of industrial gases, to boost the development of fuel cell vehicles. Both companies will work together to spread awareness of hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used in transportation. Hyundai was among the first major automakers to release its own vehicle equipped with a fuel cell and has managed to find some success with the model. Relatively few consumers are…

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Air Liquide to build new hydrogen fuel stations in the US

New hydrogen stations to be built in four new locations Air Liquide has announced new locations for hydrogen fuel stations in the United States. The company plans to build these fueling stations in the northeastern region of the company, and they will be open to the public. These stations will serve to bolster the regions hydrogen infrastructure, which has been taking form over the past few years. This infrastructure is needed to ensure the successful adoption of fuel cell vehicles, which automakers intend to launch throughout the country in the…

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Hydrogenics joins HyBalance project to support hydrogen fuel production and technology

HyBalance project aims to support the advancement of fuel cell technology Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has announced that it has been selected to join a European consortium of companies to participate in a $15 million power-to-gas project called HyBalance. The consortium includes several companies, including Air Liquide, that have had a role to play in power-to-gas projects in the past. The aim of the HyBalance program is to support the advancement of fuel cell technology, as well as hydrogen production solutions. HyBalance aims to…

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Companies team up to expand hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Germany

New partnership seeks to build 400 hydrogen fuel stations in Germany An industrial partnership is looking to expand the availability of hydrogen fuel in Germany. Air Liquide, Linde, OMV, Shell, and Total have come together to launch a new joint venture called H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH. The venture aims to install some 400 hydrogen fuel stations throughout Germany by 2023. The country is quickly becoming an attractive market for fuel cell vehicles, which consume hydrogen rather than conventional gas. First stage of the partnership will involve the development of some…

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Companies team to bring hydrogen fuel cells to commercial vans in the UK

ITM Power joins with Symbio FCell and Arcola Energy to promote fuel cell technology ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has partnered with Symbio FCell and Arcola Energy in the United Kingdom. Through this partnership, ITM Power aims to provide support and technology for commercial van fleets that are powered by fuel cells. Such vehicles have become more attractive in the UK among businesses, as they can operate for long periods of time and are environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional vans. Symbio FCell…

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Plug Power takes ownership of hydrogen fuel joint venture in Europe

Plug Power to focus more heavily on the European market Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has plans to focus more heavily on the European market. The company has entered into an agreement with Axane SA, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, and will be acquiring an 80% stake in HyPulsion, the joint venture that both Plug Power and Axane has established in 2012. The acquisition, costing some $11.47 million, will make Plug Power the full owner of HyPulsion. HyPulsion to continue providing hydrogen fuel cells to the…

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Air Liquide installs to hydrogen fuel station in France

New fuel station is located in the Rhone-Alpes region Air Liquide, a leading producer of chemical gases, has installed a new hydrogen fuel station in France, within the Rhone-Alpes region. This is the second high-capacity hydrogen station that will be installed within the region, further bolstering France’s fueling infrastructure and preparing it for the launch of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, which consume hydrogen to produce electricity. The only things that fuel cell vehicles emit as a byproduct of operation are water and oxygen.…

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New hydrogen fuel stations open in Japan

Air Liquide celebrates the opening of two new fuel stations in Japan Air Liquide, a producer of industrial gases, has announced the completion of two new hydrogen fuel stations in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. The stations are located in the cities of Nogoya and Toyota and serve to further bolster Japan’s emerging hydrogen fuel infrastructure. These are the first hydrogen stations that have been made available to the public in both of these cities and will support the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. Joint venture builds new fueling stations that will…

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Toyota releases hydrogen fuel cell patents

Toyota offers information concerning its fuel cell technology in order to aid the growth of clean transportation Japanese automaker Toyota has announced that it is released some 5,600 patents relating to its hydrogen fuel cell technology. The company is following the example of Tesla, which had released patents concerning its electric vehicles and super charging stations. By making patents available to other automakers, Toyota may help accelerate the development of new clean vehicles and make it possible for other companies to better understand hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology. Some…

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