Cost of solar energy falls below fossil-fuels in Australia

Solar Energy - Australian Sun

Solar energy is now less expensive than fossil-fuels A new report from Climate Council suggests that solar energy is now less expensive than fossil-fuels in most major Australian cities. Over the past five years, the cost of solar power has dropped significantly. According to the report, this cost has fallen by 58% over that time period. The falling price of solar energy has made it more attractive, encouraging more businesses and consumers to embrace this form of clean power and distance themselves from fossil-fuels. Costs continue to fall for the…

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Solar energy may soon be less expensive than wind power in Australia

FirstSolar predicts that Australia’s solar power sector will continue to see price drops in the coming years Solar energy may become less expensive than wind power in Australia in the coming years, according to First Solar, a developer of solar power systems. Australia is currently a very attractive market when it comes to solar power, largely due to the country’s near constant exposure to solar radiation. The Australian government has recently reduced its support of solar power, but investments in new energy projects from the private sector have remained somewhat…

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Solar energy is making major progress in Australia

Solar power becoming incumbent as country moves away from coal Solar energy is on its way to becoming incumbent rather than disruptive in Australia. Photovoltaic technology has been considered somewhat problematic for the country because of its high costs, but these costs are beginning to fall dramatically. High costs had made it difficult for Australia to show a great deal of support for solar power without causing major disruptions in the country’s energy portfolio. Now that photovoltaic products are becoming more affordable, the country’s transition away from coal and other…

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Solar energy could help South Australia break away from oil and coal

Wind and solar energy are gaining ground in Australia The Australian Energy Market Operator has issued a new report concerning solar energy in South Australia. The report suggests that the state could receive at least 50% of its energy from solar power within the next 10 years. Other forms of renewable energy could also help the state reach this goal. The report notes that nearly one in five homes in South Australia are equipped with rooftop photovoltaic systems. Solar power continues to attract strong support Solar energy has become a…

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New solar energy system comes online in Australia

Australia - Solar Energy

Concentrated solar energy system reaches completion Silex Systems, an Australian developer of solar energy systems and other such technologies, has announced the successful completion of a new concentrated solar energy system that is based in Mildura, Victoria. The system exists as a demonstration project designed to show off the prospects of concentrated solar power. Silex suggests that the completion of the system and its connection to the Australian energy grid represents a major milestone for clean power and the country’s efforts to break away from fossil-fuels. Concentrated solar power continues…

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Australia may soon become a leader in solar energy

Solar Energy Australia

Solar energy sector may soon crown a new king Germany is widely considered to be a leader in terms of solar energy. The country’s government has invested heavily into this form of renewable power and Germany was among the first in the world to adopt a very aggressive feed-in tariff that made solar energy all but a staple. Germany may soon be dethroned as the proverbial king of solar energy, however, due to the strong entry Australia is making into the field. Australia could soon become the leading power in…

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Solar energy makes strong progress in Australia

solar energy south australia

Australia proving the capabilities of solar energy Australia continues to be a strong example of the capabilities of solar energy. The country has been embracing solar energy aggressively over the past year, with several government initiatives designed to support the adoption of rooftop solar systems. Rooftop solar is having a major impact on the energy market in South Australia, the state with the highest proliferation of such energy systems. According to information from the Melbourne Energy Institute, rooftop solar energy systems are serving to reshape the energy market entirely. Rooftop…

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