Researchers aim to produce renewable hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Research in Lab

Australian researchers launch new project focused on producing hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles Researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization have launched a new $2.5 million project to help develop technology that will provide fuel cell vehicles with the hydrogen they need to operate. The 2-year project aims to produce hydrogen without also generating a large amount of harmful emissions. The project will build upon research already carried out by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, which involved the separating of pure hydrogen from mixed gases. Project…

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BOC to aid ITM Power in developing a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the UK

BOC signs deal with ITM Power to supply hydrogen technologies and support BOC, one of the largest providers of industrial gases in the United Kingdom, has entered into a deal with ITM Power, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells. Through this deal, BOC will be providing the hydrogen needed to power ITM Power’s fuel cells that are being used in new passenger vehicles. BOC is a member of the Linde Group, which has been working to improve hydrogen infrastructure throughout the world. As a part of the Linde Group, BOC…

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UK invests more in its hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Fuel Cell Systems Limited has received funding from the Department for Transport The United Kingdom is investing more in the development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The country’s Department for Transport has issued funding to Fuel Cell Systems Limited, a company specializing in the development of fuel cell technology. This funding has been issued through the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, which is part of the Department for Transport. The funding is meant to aid in the development of a mobile hydrogen fuel station. Fuel cell vehicles need an infrastructure…

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UK’s first commercial-scale hydrogen fuel station has opened for business

New fuel station has been opened in Swindon The first commercial-scale hydrogen fuel station in the United Kingdom has opened for business. The fuel station was formed through a collaborative effort from BOC, a supplier of industrial gases, and Honda. The fuel station is located in Swindon, and several government officials were present during an opening ceremony in which the station’s capabilities were demonstrated. The new fuel station may help prepare the United Kingdom for the launch of fuel cell vehicles. Fuel station uses solar power to generate hydrogen The…

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Hydrogenics to help bolster UK hydrogen fuel infrastructure

New contracts have been awarded to Hydrogenics Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has been awarded two contracts from the United Kingdom government. These contracts task Hydrogenics with providing its technology to new hydrogen fuel stations being developed throughout the country. The United Kingdom has been working to bolster its hydrogen infrastructure in preparation for hydrogen-powered vehicles being released in the coming years. New stations are being built throughout the country with the aid of the government and several organizations, including those within the…

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Hydrogen fuel used in new lighting tower from Youngman Group

Hydrogen Fuel Light Tower

Hydrogen fuel powers industrial lights from Youngman The Youngman Group, a leading supplier of light access equipment, and the Taylor Construction Plant (TCP), a leading construction firm in the United Kingdom, have come together to offer a new lighting solution for industrial purposes. This solution takes the form of a lighting tower, called the Ecolit-H2, so named because of its use of hydrogen fuel. The lighting tower is equipped with a Hymera fuel cell from BOC, a leading producer of industrial gases. Hydrogen moving beyond the auto industry Hydrogen fuel…

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BOC introduces Hymera fuel cells to new lighting package

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hymera fuel cells used to power new lighting package BOC, a producer of hydrogen fuel and member of the Linde Group, has launched a new lighting package that is powered by the companies new hydrogen fuel cells. The company’s Hymera fuel cells have been widely used in numerous industries, garnering acclaim because of their portable and flexible nature. BOC has introduced the fuel cells into a new lighting package that is expected to provide significant advantages over traditional battery powered and fossil-fuel alternatives. Hymera fuel cells expected to replace traditional generators Hymera…

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BOC to expand Swindon hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel transportation

BOC unveils plans to expand fuel station The BOC Group, a division of Linde and producer of industrial gases, recently unveiled plans to expand the hydrogen fuel station that currently operates at a Honda facility in Swindon, UK. The hydrogen fuel station at the facility has offered fuel for some time now and has attracted a great deal of attention. BOC is keen to make further improvements to the station through the addition of new technologies and features that will make it more sustainable. Fuel stations to be equipped with…

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Hydrogen-powered buses coming to Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen Scotland

Scottish government announced plan for hydrogen hub in Aberdeen A new clean energy hub is to take root in Aberdeen, Scotland, this year. First Minister Alex Salmond has announced plans for the city to play host to the hub, which will primarily be focused on the provision of hydrogen fuel. The hub will service the largest fleet of hydrogen-powered buses in Europe, which includes 10 vehicles in all. The plan is backed by roughly $4 million in funding from the European Union as well as that coming from the Scottish…

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