Navy opposes the development of offshore wind farms in California

Navy Opposes Development of Offshore Wind Farms - Stop

Navy map places major restrictions on where offshore projects can be built California could be a proverbial gold mine for offshore wind power, but the United States Navy has declared that large portions of the state’s coast are off limits when it comes to offshore development. The ultimate decision lies, of course, with the Department of Defense, wind companies, and at least one member of Congress. The Navy, however, believes that the map it has provided for offshore wind development is the best option for the West Coast. Floating wind…

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World’s largest offshore wind energy project could take form in California

New 765 MW project set to take form off California coast California may soon be home to the United States’ first offshore wind energy system that reaches operational status, if the project can shirk environmental concerns. Trident Winds, an energy developer based in Washington, has proposed to build a massive 765 megawatt offshore wind farm. The farm is meant to take form 25 miles off California’s central coast. If constructed, it will be the world’s offshore wind energy system, surpassing the London Array, which has a capacity of 630 megawatts.…

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New offshore wind energy system may be being built in California

Offshore wind system could be built off the coast of Morro Bay A new offshore wind energy system has been proposed in California, which is meant to be located off the coast of Morro Bay. The proposed plan could create some division among the state’s environmentalists, some of which are supporting the preservation of the state’s coastal ecosystem. Others are strong supporters of renewable energy and believe that an offshore wind power system may be a major benefit for the state. Energy system will be able to produce 1,000 MW…

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Wind energy is losing support in California

State policies make it difficult for the wind energy market it grow Wind energy is struggling to find a foothold in California, and this may be due to the state’s policies concerning clean power. Recently, Governor Jerry Brown passed a law that requires the state to receive no less than 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. Wind energy may not play a role in this, however, with the state focusing more heavily on other forms of clean power, such as solar energy. Ban on wind energy projects…

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Wind energy helps California fight back the drought

US energy systems consume as much as 62 trillion gallons of water every year The environmental benefits of renewable energy are often highlighted but putting them into context can be somewhat difficult. One of the often overlooked benefits of clean energy is the fact that it consumes very little water. Most of the world’s conventional energy systems are used to produce steam through the evaporation of massive amounts of water. In 2008, the United States’ conventional energy systems consumed as much as 62 trillion gallons of freshwater from the country’s…

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Solar energy to account for 100% new energy capacity in California in second half of 2013

Alternative energy news - California solar energy

Solar energy continues to be a strong focus for California Renewable energy has become a top priority in the U.S., with the federal government devoting a significant amount of attention to cleaner forms of power. California is among the leading states in the country that have adopted a strong advocacy for renewable energy. Much of the state’s focus has been centered on solar energy and California has become a leader in the solar energy sector and has remained so for several years. Now, the state’s focus seems to be paying…

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Wind energy gaining ground in California

California Wind Energy

California may soon become a leader in wind energy California is well known for its strong support of solar energy. Indeed, the state is often considered to be the solar energy capital of the U.S. The state has, however, been showing more interest in wind energy, which is beginning to show strong promise for California’s sustainability efforts. The state’s wind energy production levels have recently reached a record high, according to information from the Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO), the state’s energy grid manager. Wind energy production reaches new high…

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MidAmerican Wind Energy completes new projects in California

Wind Energy Reaches New Heights

MidAmerican Wind Energy announces activation of wind energy projects MidAmerican Wind Energy, an organization devoted to the development of wind energy projects in the U.S., has announced the completion of two large wind energy projects, called Pinyon Pines Wind I and II. These projects are located in California and are expected to help bolster the state’s access to renewable power. Wind energy continues to gain momentum throughout the U.S., but California often proves to be an ideal location for alternative energy projects of various types. Projects to produce more than…

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Siemens teams with Pattern Energy to build new project in California

Fuel Cell Industry - Partnership

Siemens and Pattern Energy to bring new wind farm online in California by 2013 Siemens Energy, one of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers, has entered into an agreement with Pattern Energy, a leading alternative energy company in North America. Through this new partnership, the two companies aim to create a new wind energy project in Southern California, known as Ocotillo. The new project would bring a respectable amount of clean electricity to the state and could even be online as soon as 2013. California shows modest interest in wind…

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California governor announces plan to hasten the state’s adoption of alternative energy

California Alternative Energy

In an effort to hasten the shift toward alternative energy and sustainability, California Governor Jerry Brown has announced plans to add new positions to the state’s Department of Fish and Game and hire energy and engineering experts from outside the state. The plan is to reduce the long delay periods that have stymied alternative energy projects. Energy developers and scientists have complained about these lengthy delays for some time, hoping for action from the state government. Some of the delays are due to the fact that the state simply does…

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