GM has ambitious new plans for clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles Business Plans

Automaker plans to sell 500,000 clean vehicles a year by 2025 General Motors has set a new goal for itself regarding clean transportation. The automaker has been showing more support for clean vehicles in recent years, partly due to increasingly strict emissions regulations and changing market demands. The company now plans to increase its production of clean vehicles, aiming to sell 150,000 “new energy vehicles” a year by 2020. By 2025, GM hopes to increase this number to 500,000. Battery electrics may be GM’s primary focus The goals set by…

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GM shows off its new vehicle equipped with an innovative fuel cell system

New fuel cell system is being used in the Colorado ZH2 General Motors recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the world’s first fuel cell vehicle. The company produced this vehicle in 1966. Called the Electrovan, the car represented the first time a hydrogen fuel cell was equipped to a consumer vehicle. Since then, General Motors has accumulated more than 3 million miles worth of testing on fuel cell transportation. The automaker’s Chevrolet division has continued experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells and recently showcased its new Colorado ZH2 at the SEMA…

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Chevrolet unveils new vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell

Chevrolet begins showing off its new Colorado ZH2 Automaker Chevrolet has unveiled its new Colorado ZH2, which is an experimental vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. The vehicle was designed for use by the United States military and is meant to determine the usefulness of fuel cells. The vehicle is quieter and more efficient than its conventional counterparts. The fuel cell system can also be used to generate electricity for purposes beyond transportation, making it ideal for use in various scenarios. Army set to test hydrogen fuel cell…

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GM partners with the Navy to develop new fuel cell technology

GM will be developing fuel cells for underwater drones Automaker General Motors has teamed with the United States Navy to develop new hydrogen fuel cells that will be used to power underwater drones. The Office of Naval Research believes that fuel cells hold a great deal of promise. These energy systems generate electricity without producing harmful emissions, making them ideal for naval use. Fuel cells have also become quite popular in various sectors of the transportation space. They are being used to power a new generation of clean vehicles. Fuel…

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Toyota moves to make electric vehicles more attractive

Toyota Prius electric vehicles

Toyota aims to sell more electric vehicles this year Battery electric vehicles have been losing favor with much of the auto industry recently due to lackluster sales around the world. While many automakers are still committed to the use of lithium-ion batteries, many are also beginning to embrace hydrogen fuel as the future for electric vehicles. Toyota is one of the companies within the auto industry that is taking an aggressive approach on both hydrogen fuel and lithium-ion batteries. The automaker has ambitious goals in mind for its Prius plug-in…

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Chevy Spark revealed by Chevrolet

Chevy Spark Electric Vehicle

Automaker unveils new Chevy Spark electric vehicle Chevrolet has revealed the Chevy Spark electric vehicle this week. The new model is billed as an improvement on the Chevy Volt, which has recently begun seeing a swell of support from consumers throughout the countries. Chevrolet is expected to push the Spark heavily in the coming months, as it is backed by a major federal tax incentive that makes it one of the most affordable electric vehicles that will be on the market. Automakers continue to invest in alternative energy Automakers from…

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Electric vehicle sales starting to gain momentum

2011 Nissan Leaf Electric Car electric vehicle

Electric vehicle sales for Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf growing Electric vehicle sales are beginning to gain momentum around the world. More consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and have been looking for ways to mitigate their impact on the environment. Electric vehicles have become a popular method in accomplishing this, but have long appealed only to a niche market. Now, these vehicles are beginning to break out of their niche and reach a wider range of consumers. Both the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, two of the most popular electric…

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