Delaware Hydrogen plant project announced by PBF Energy

Delaware Hydrogen Plant - Cargo Ship on ocean

The new project will help to make cleaner fuel for ships. In an effort to boost cleaner fuel production, a new Delaware hydrogen plant will be built at the Delaware City Refinery. The owner of the refinery, PBF Energy, is betting that more hydrogen will lead to bigger profits and give them a key competitive advantage over other fuel producers, reported Delaware Online. Hydrogen is a vital sulfur-removing catalyst in oil refining. With a growing demand for clean diesel, the Delaware hydrogen plant is likely to have a strong future.…

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Iceland to begin hydrogen fuel production at geothermal power plant

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland

ON Power has announced it will start its experimental production of hydrogen. The Icelandic geothermal power utility is set to start hydrogen fuel production later this month near its Hellisheidi geothermal power plant in Southwest Iceland, which is located close to the country`s capital, Reykjavik. The hydrogen station is part of a bigger European research project. Along with two other Icelandic companies – Orkan and Icelandic New Energy – ON Power is participating in a European hydrogen research project. As part of its participation, it has purchased an electrolyte, which…

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Biodiesel has become so inexpensive in the U.S. that it’s free

Some refiners are being paid to use biofuel. Tax credits in the U.S. have made biodiesel so cheap in some parts of the country that some refiners are being paid to use this clean substitute to diesel. More specifically, one-dollar-a-gallon tax subsidy and other credits, has resulted in Midwest refiners paying as little as 64.5 cents a gallon for the alternative fuel. This, plus additional clean energy incentives offered by California, has lead to some customers in the Golden State obtaining the fuel for free, reported Bloomberg. The commitment to…

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Power station in France generates clean energy produced by cheese

A by-product of Beaufort cheese is helping to generate clean electricity. A power station in Albertville, in Savoie, located in the French Alps, is generating clean energy from cheese. More specifically, bacteria are added to a by-product of Beaufort cheese known as skimmed whey. The bacteria mixed with the whey create a combination of carbon dioxide and methane, better known as biogas. The gas is used as fuel to heat water, which produces electricity and is sold to energy company EDF, reported The Telegraph. The power plant generates enough electricity…

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Biofuel may be produced from roadside weed

Researchers from Nevada think they may be able to produce diesel fuel from gumweed. Nevada scientists believe that curlycup gumweed, a common roadside weed that grows across much of Nevada’s high desert, may be ideal for producing biofuel. More specifically, the researchers think that they are close to producing diesel fuel and may even one day be able to produce jet fuel from the plant, reported the Associated Press. Very little water is needed to grow gumweed. Back in the 1980’s, a University of Nevada researcher and mining engineer, Darrell…

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Solar technology breakthrough results in cheap hydrogen fuel production

New solar panel design makes cheaper clean-burning hydrogen fuel. Swiss scientists have announced that they have made a clean energy breakthrough with solar technology, involving traditional solar panels that can be utilized to produce an electrical current that splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which, in short, means that these scientists have developed a simple and non-traditional method to create cheap clean-burning hydrogen fuel from solar panels. The green discovery could lower fossil fuel dependence and combat climate change. By splitting water molecules to create hydrogen, this enables the…

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Honda cuts production of natural gas Civic

Honda will no longer be making a CNG Civic Automaker Honda has announced that it will no longer be making a hybrid or compressed natural gas version of its Civic. The company has plans to produce other electric vehicles, as well as those powered by hydrogen fuel, but natural gas will no longer be a part of the Civic’s future. Automakers have been showing some interest in vehicles powered by natural gas, largely because natural gas is a fraction of the price of gasoline. These vehicles have struggled to find…

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Company hoping to mass-produce biofuels receives funding

Joule Unlimited raises another $40 million in funds. Julie Unlimited, the Bedford-based developer of alternative fuels, has raised $200 million to date in private investment since it was established in 2007, and has recently announced its latest $40 million in funding from Flagship Ventures, its chief financial backer, which the company will use to help it achieve its goal of mass producing biofuels, reported the Boston Business Journal. Joule is an innovative clean energy company producing unique renewable fuel. Joule has developed technology to create renewable fuels, including ethanol and…

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Alternative fuel source could come from bacteria

E.coli Bacteria could one day be a renewable energy source. The quest for alternative fuel sources to fossil fuels that are cleaner, more environmentally friendly and are renewable, has been one that researchers have been embarking on for years, and now a team of Finnish and British researchers have discovered a way to modify E.coli bacteria and potentially transform it into propane. Propane is a cleaner fuel source to fossil fuels. The modification method the team of researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Turku in Finland have…

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DOE invests to advance biofuels

Federal agency awards $6 million to biofuel production projects The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $6 million in funding for the development of next-generation biofuels. These fuels are becoming more important in various transportation sectors as they produce no carbon dioxide. As such, biofuels are becoming an effective tool in meeting emissions regulations imposed by the U.S. government, as well as those introduced by other governments around the world. Funding from the Department of Energy has been issued to two projects located in North Carolina and California. Projects aim…

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Hawaii and US military make alternative energy news

Alternative Energy News US Military Hawaii

  Hawaii’s second largest employer – the US military – is behind the push for more alternative fuels and green advances in the state. The Department of Defense (DOD) has spent $6.5 billion in the year 2011in Hawaii alone and backs up the state’s green goals, making big alternative energy news. Investing in the future The Pentagon is set to spend billions to back up green initiatives, and military presence in HI means spending some of that money there. The military is a boon for the Hawaiian economy and the…

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Societe Generale surpasses emissions reduction targets

Hydrogen Fuel gains hype

Societe Generale aiming for complete carbon neutrality Societe Generale, one of the largest banks in Europe, has surpassed the goals it has set for itself through its carbon neutrality plan. The bank, which is based in France, adopted this plan in early 2008, with a goal to reduce carbon emissions per occupant by 11% each year until the end of 2012. To accomplish this goal, the bank adopted a mix of alternative energy and internal carbon taxation. This proved to be a powerful combination, as it helped Societe Generale exceed…

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Synthetic fuel may replace crude oil one day

Synthetic Fuel Research Princeton University

Synthetic fuel boasts of promising implications for the US Synthetic fuel may be a viable alternative to fossil-fuels, according to researchers from Princeton University. Moreover, researches from the university suggest that synthetic fuel could actually replace fossil-fuels altogether, without making any drastic changes to current transportation technology and fuel infrastructure. There are several economic implications concerning the use of synthetic fuel as well, which have begun attracting more attention as the U.S. begins to aggressively look for a suitable alternative to traditional forms of power. Researchers highlight the benefits of…

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Air Fuel Synthesis creates new clean fuel for vehicles

Clean Transportation

Air Fuel Synthesis uses hydrogen to produce new kind of clean fuel Hydrogen is currently the most popular clean fuel that is expected to revolutionize the future of transportation, but it may soon be nothing more than a step in a larger equation that produces another clean fuel. Late last week, a small British company called Air Fuel Synthesis suggested it was possible to produce vehicle fuel from air, using hydrogen as a component in the process. Such an accomplishment could have profound implications for the environment, most notably removing large…

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Hyrax Energy and WARF enter into licensing agreement

Hydrogen fuel partnership

Hyrax Energy looks to commercialize new biofuel production technology Hyrax Energy, a leading bioenergy company, and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) have entered into a licensing agreement that could accelerate the commercialization of new biofuel production technology. Fuel production is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially in the U.S. where political tensions are threatening access to oil and other fossil-fuels. Biofuels are becoming more popular as the country begins to looks for alternatives to oil, but efficient production technology has kept biofuel soundly beyond mainstream adoption. Technology produces clean…

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PEM fuel cell used to produce renewable liquid fuel

fuel cell catalyst - fuel cell research

PEM fuel cell unlocks new process of fuel production A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in the U.S., as well as from the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, have developed a new way to produce renewable liquid fuels. The process utilizes electricity generated from a PEM fuel cell, making the process clean and sustainable. The team has been experimenting with the process extensively and believe that it is commercially viable and an effective way to produce fuel for…

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