Costa Rica hydrogen powered transportation take the spotlight

Hydrogen Powered Transportation - Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rican government has some big plans for hydrogen The government of Costa Rica is on a mission to decarbonize the entire country. As one of the first steps on this journey, President Carlos Alvarado has issued a directive that is meant to promote hydrogen fuel. The directive is meant to ensure that organizations within the environmental and energy sector develop an action plan that is meant to promote the research, production, and commercialization of hydrogen powered transportation. In doing so, Costa Rica aims to replace older forms of energy…

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New hydrogen fuel bus begins operation in Costa Rica

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles - Image of Bus on Road

The Nyuti is the first operational hydrogen-powered bus in Central America Central America’s first hydrogen-powered bus has begun operation in Costa Rica. The new bus is called Nyuti and is being operated by the Ad Astra Company, which also has operations in the United States. The company itself does not develop hydrogen fuel cell technology, but it has been working with several organizations in order to incorporate these energy systems. The bus represents the first step in Costa Rica’s efforts to establish a hydrogen transportation “ecosystem.” The country has been…

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Geothermal energy could help Central America prosper

Geothermal Energy - Landscape in South America

IRENA highlights the potential benefits of geothermal power in Central America Geothermal energy could be key to helping Central America become a low-carbon economy, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Central America is home to vast geothermal resources, much of which has gone untapped. This is beginning to change, however, and many Central American countries have now established themselves as leaders in geothermal installations. IRENA suggests that low-carbon economic development could be accelerated in these countries if governments embrace new policies. Countries could tap into geothermal energy for…

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Costa Rica has gone 113 days using only renewable energy

Country aims to abandon fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy Costa Rica has established itself as a pioneer in renewable energy. The small country has accomplished a major feat: Generating 100% of its electricity from renewable sources for 113 days straight. Costa Rico draws this energy from numerous sources and intends to continue in its efforts to abandon fossil-fuels throughout the rest of the year. The country has invested heavily in clean energy in order to become more environmentally friendly and curtail the potential impact of climate change. Costa Rica…

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Costa Rica has used only renewable energy since the start of 2015

For almost three months the Central American country has run exclusively on renewables. Since the start of the year, Cost Rica has not burned fossil fuels for power and has been able to rely on renewable energy alone to power its country, which was made possible due to Costa Rica experiencing heavy rainfall, which enabled the country’s hydropower plants to generate almost enough electricity to power the entire nation. Several renewable sources have allowed the country to be coal and petroleum-free. In addition to hydropower, wind, solar, and geothermal energy…

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Costa Rica to have its first hydrogen fuel car by 2018

Purdy Motor will be the first automaker to bring fuel cells to Costa Rica’s transportation space Costa Rica will have its first fuel cell vehicle by 2018, thanks to automaker Purdy Motor. The company is currently developing a new vehicle that is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cells. This vehicle produces no harmful emissions and operates in a fashion similar to other electric vehicles, though it uses a fuel cell instead of a battery system. The release of the vehicle could be a major step in the advancement of clean…

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Geothermal energy project receives approval in Costa Rica

New project wins the approval of country’s lawmakers and attracts the interest of investors A new geothermal energy project has been approved in Costa Rica. The country’s Legislative Assembly approved the project late last week and this approval has opened the way for new funding to reach the project and be put to use. The Japanese International Cooperation Agency and the European Investment Bank are two potential investment sources for the project. The Japanese agency is expected to invest some $540 million into the project with the European Investment Bank…

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