Renewable energy and emissions reduction could save the US billions of dollars

Study highlights the financial impact of emissions reduction efforts in the United States The rise of renewable energy could save the United States billions of dollars as well as saving lives, according to a new study from researchers from Duke University’s Nicholas School of Environment. The study found that committing to the emissions reduction target established by the Paris Agreement will have a major financial impact on the country. There have been concerns that sticking to these targets would actually create more cost than benefit, but the study suggests that…

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Duke University researchers target emissions linked to hydrogen fuel production

Duke University - Hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen fuel production continues to draw criticism Hydrogen fuel cells are growing in popularity, which is drawing more attention to hydrogen fuel production. Hydrogen fuel as a form of renewable energy has received a great deal of harsh criticism over the years. Some have argued that hydrogen is simply not an appropriate form of clean energy due to the inefficient and expensive nature of fuel cells. Others suggest that fuel cells themselves are the primary issue that is holding hydrogen back from effective use. The problem, however, may lie with…

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New emissions regulations could push the US toward renewable energy

U.S. renewable energy to replace coal plants

EPA regulations may help the US embrace renewable energy more readily The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working to make changes to its air quality regulations recently. These revisions are meant to take into account the growing focus on emissions reductions coming from the federal government. Last year, the Obama administration introduced new emissions standards that have served to push companies both large and small toward renewable energy. The EPA revisions may have much the same effect, according to a new study from Duke University. Study claims coal…

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New solar energy system planned in North Carolina

Solar Energy North Carolina

North Carolina to get new solar energy system from Strata Solar Strata Solar, a leading solar energy company, has announced plans to develop a new solar farm in North Carolina. The state is home to several small solar energy systems, some of which act as pilot projects that are meant to help gauge the prospects of this form of renewable energy. The solar farm that Strata Solar is developing is expected to be the largest in the entire state and one of the largest in the U.S., with a total…

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Electromagnetism could be the future of energy for the whole world

Alternative Energy News

Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of natural, and is the strongest among them. The force is, essentially, responsible for holding everything together. For decades, scientists have attempted to harness the force as a way to power machines and unlock the secrets of the universe. These efforts have been met with significant challenges, however, as electromagnetism has proven to be a very dangerous force. Scientists from Duke University and Boston College may have found a way to capture the force without harming living organisms. Using new composite materials…

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Researchers from Duke University make a hybrid hydrogen solar power system

hybrid hydrogen-solar power system

A team of researchers from Duke University have developed a hybrid hydrogen-solar power system that can be used to provide electricity for houses. Such a system has been the subject of interest for those developing fuel cell technologies as it presents a unique and completely sustainable energy solution. Fuel cells are notorious for their expense, but have also generated negative stigmas for their use of fossil-fuels to produce electricity. Duke’s hybrid system may be the solution to these problems, as researcher’s present and affordable and efficient alternative to conventional hydrogen…

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