China is beating the EU in wind energy capacity

China has overtaken the EU in wind installations thanks to projects developed in 2015 China has made impressive progress in expanding its wind energy capacity over the past year. The country has overtaken the entirety of the European Union in terms of total installed wind capacity, according to the European Wind Energy Association. In 2015, China reached the 145 gigawatt milestone, making it a leading force in the wind power sector. During 2015, China installed three times more wind capacity than what had been installed in the EU. EU will…

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Offshore wind energy market to hit new high by 2020

Offshore Wind Energy Market

Wind energy continues to attract attention Offshore wind energy continues to be a popular subject in Europe and some parts of Asia. This form of renewable energy has the potential to be quite valuable for countries that have access to the strong wind currents that can be found at sea. While wind energy has long been popular in many parts of the world, the offshore variety has gained attention due to its potential to produce large amounts of electrical power by harnessing the unhindered strength of ocean wind currents. Offshore…

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Wind energy expands throughout Europe in 2012

Wind Energy Europe

European Union sees major progress in wind energy sector Wind energy has been gaining more support around the world, but it continues to see the majority of this support come from Europe. Several European countries have come to embrace wind energy in a strong way, believing that clean power could have positive economic implications for the entire region. Europe continues to struggle with an ongoing financial crisis that has threatened to bankrupt many countries. The crisis has spurred these countries to seek out more efficient forms of energy that are…

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Wind energy to bring 500,000 jobs to Europe by 2020

Wind Energy Systems - Wind Turbines

A new report from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Wind power has certainly been gaining more attention throughout Europe, despite concerns regarding efficiency and viability. Many European countries are beginning to adopt and make use of wind turbines and some have become home to the larges wind farms in the world. The EWEA believes that the European Union is just beginning to scratch the surface of wind energy. According to the report, the wind power industry will create more than 500,000 new jobs throughout Europe by 2020.  These jobs…

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