Wind energy achieves new milestone in Europe

Wind Energy Milestone Achieved

Wind power sets a new generation record in Europe last month Wind energy reached a new milestone in Europe at the end of October. On October 28, wind farms in 28 countries throughout the European Union generated approximately 25% of all the electricity that was used in Europe. This is approximately 153.7 gigawatts, which is enough to power about 197 million homes. Wind energy has grown very quickly in Europe, especially as the cost of wind turbines continues to fall. Several countries have also shown strong support for offshore projects,…

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Croatia increases its renewable energy incentives

Renewable Energy - National Park in Croatia

Country aims to raise its clean power capacity with higher incentives Croatia has announced that it will be increasing incentives designed to promote the adoption of renewable energy. These incentives have been provided by the government for some time. They have helped make Croatia an attractive home for renewable energy projects. Several companies have come to the country to take advantage of these incentives, thus making Croatia’s clean power economy much stronger. By increasing incentives, Croatia hopes to further bolster its renewable energy capacity. New tariffs and quotas will be…

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European transport companies come together to develop new fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Interior of Hydrogen Bus

German and Italian companies will work together to bring more fuel cell vehicles to Europe German and Italian public transportation companies are coming together in order to help develop new fuel cell buses in Europe. This is part of a larger European Union initiative that aims to cut down on urban emissions and improve the overall air quality of European cities. The German and Italian companies are seeking to develop 63 new fuel cell vehicles, which will serve as public transit solutions in major urban areas. New buses will help…

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European utilities vow to abandon coal in favor of renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Coal Power Plant

Utilities promise to stop investing in coal after 2020 Utilities throughout Europe have come together to pledge not to build any new coal plants after 2020. Every European country, apart from Poland and Greece, will be working to move away from coal in favor of cleaner forms of power. The announcement comes from Eurelectric, which represents some 3,500 utilities in Europe. According to the organization, utilities have committed themselves to deliver on the promises made through the Paris Agreement, which calls for a significant reduction in emissions and a greater…

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European countries are struggling with the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Paris with Eiffle Tower

Only three countries are on track to comply with the Paris Agreement Sweden, Germany, and France are the only European countries that are pursuing policies that will allow them to meet the commitments they made through the Paris Agreement, according to a recent study from the EU Climate Leadership Board. The European Union, as a whole, has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. Some countries seem to be taking this pledge more seriously than others, however, which could lead the region to mission its emissions reduction targets…

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Germany’s wind energy market grows aggressively in 2016

Wind Energy Market - Wind Turbines in Germany

Wind energy market in Germany leads installation growth Germany is quickly becoming the largest wind energy market in Europe. The country has invested heavily in the wind sector over the past few years in an effort to become environmentally friendly and reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels. According to data from WindEurope, and industry group, Germany installed more wind capacity in 2016 than any other European country. This has established Germany as a leader in the region’s wind energy market. Germany installed 12.5 GW of new wind capacity last year The…

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European Investment Bank upholds commitment to fight climate change

Funds to Help Fight Climate Change

Bank announces plans to continue efforts to fund the fight against climate change The European Investment Bank has announced that it will uphold its $20 billion a year investment target in its continued effort to fund the fight against climate change. The bank intends to invest these funds ever year over the next five years. Werner Hoyer, president of the European Investment Bank, suggests that Europe must lead the world against those that would deny the existence and potentially devastating impact of climate change. Hoyer has also called upon the…

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Europe aims to put a cap on renewable energy production

European Commission draft law seeks to pay companies to stop producing renewable energy Regulators from the European Union are looking to pay energy companies to stop generating electricity in order to create a safeguard against renewable energy blackouts. The European Commission, the legislative arm of the European Union, will be publishing a draft law which will allow for paying more for surplus energy supply. Much of the money set aside by the law will be funneled to renewable energy companies, which will be providing electricity only when it is needed…

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UK continues to invest in its growing hydrogen fuel infrastructure

ITM Power aids the UK in building a hydrogen fuel infrastructure Momentum is growing behind the United Kingdom’s efforts to build a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen solutions, has opened a new fueling station in Teddington, which is east of London. The new station is the first of its kind and was built with the support of the UK government and the European Union. The station is the first of its kind, able to produce large volumes of hydrogen on site, which eliminates the…

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Automakers will have to make more clean vehicles in order to meet environmental standards

Report shows that automakers will have to produce and sell more clean vehicles in prominent markets Automakers will need to sell more fuel efficient vehicles in order to meet environmental standards in the United States, European Union, and China, according to a new report from the World Energy Council. The report notes that the U.S., EU, and China have embraced new fuel economy standards in order to lower emissions. This will have a prominent impact on the auto industry, forcing companies to produce and sell more fuel efficient vehicles in…

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France continues to support the development of new hydrogen fuel stations

ITM Power wins contract to help build new fueling station in France ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen technologies, has successfully obtained a contract to build a new hydrogen fuel station in France. The contract comes from Hydrogene De France, a prominent energy operator focused on hydrogen fuel. The contract is valued at $1.6 million and construction on the new fueling station will begin in 2017. The project is being partially funded by the European Union. The EU has a vested interest in promoting the expansion of a hydrogen…

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Nel Hydrogen Solutions to build a new hydrogen fuel station in Sweden

New hydrogen station to be built in Marlestad Nel Hydrogen Solutions has made a deal with the City of Marlestad in Sweden to build a new hydrogen fuel station. The new station will be located in a high traffic area and will complete the hydrogen network connection amongst Scandinavian capitals. Clean transportation has been growing in popularity throughout the region. Countries are looking to embrace clean vehicles in order to limit emissions production and meet environmental goals established over the past few years. Cities are looking to bolster their hydrogen…

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Riversimple fuel cell vehicles may help make the UK a thriving clean transportation market

Riversimple is making promising progress on its work with fuel cell technology Riversimple, a Welsh automaker, is making progress in creating a bright future for clean transportation. The company revealed its plans to develop a new fuel cell vehicle, called the Rasa, some months ago. It also showcased other variants of this vehicle only a short time ago. The Rasa is showing great promise to become a very popular clean vehicle among consumers in the United Kingdom, and may be one of the more affordable options available to drivers when…

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Riversimple is taking its plans for fuel cell vehicles to the next level

Automaker introduces two new models for its fuel cell vehicle Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has unveiled two new models for its upcoming Rasa vehicle, which is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The company unveiled these models during the London Motor Show. One of the models will be a four-seat version of the Rasa, while the other will be a van, Both will tap into the power of fuel cell technology, which will make them environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Riversimple to trial Rasa later this…

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Riversimple launches crowdfunding campaign to support hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

New campaign aims to raise funds to match a significant grant awarded by the European Union Riversimple, an automaker based in the United Kingdom, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to match a $2 million grant that has been approved by the European Union. The campaign is meant to support the development of a new fuel cell vehicle that Riversimple is working on, called Rasa. Riversimple will be using ShareIn, an equity crowdfunding platform that will allow the automaker to collect funds from supporters directly through its website. Fuel cell…

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Hydrogenics joins HyBalance project to support hydrogen fuel production and technology

HyBalance project aims to support the advancement of fuel cell technology Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has announced that it has been selected to join a European consortium of companies to participate in a $15 million power-to-gas project called HyBalance. The consortium includes several companies, including Air Liquide, that have had a role to play in power-to-gas projects in the past. The aim of the HyBalance program is to support the advancement of fuel cell technology, as well as hydrogen production solutions. HyBalance aims to…

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