GM seeks to find profit with electric vehicles in China

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GM is looking to the Chinese market to make electric vehicles profitable General Motors is moving forward with its plans to make electric vehicles profitable. Last month, the automaker ensured shareholders that it would accomplish this goal by 2021. How the company planned to do this was unclear at the time. Now, however, GM seems to plan to divide its focus in order to meet its goal. Domestically, the company will continue developing conventional vehicles. Most of its focus with electric vehicles will be focused on China, however. Automakers are…

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GM looks to make electric vehicles cheaper with new batteries

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Affordable batteries could lower the price of electric vehicles Automaker General Motors hopes to see profits from its electric vehicles largely because they are equipped with less expensive batteries. The company is currently working to develop batteries that are approximately one-third less expensive than the batteries it currently uses. These batteries are expected to be used to power the 20 new electric vehicles that GM plans to introduce by 2023. Clean vehicles are still fighting for a place in the market GM has been struggling to sell its clean vehicles…

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GM takes an aggressive step on clean transportation

Automaker has ambitious plans when it comes to changing the face of transportation General Motors recently announced that it has begun overhauling many of its operations in order to become more sustainable. This is a trend that is becoming increasingly common in the auto industry, especially as automakers begin to feel pressure from the world’s governments that are concerning with clean energy and emissions. Many governments are introducing new emissions standards that are specifically targeting transportation. This means that automakers are beginning to feel the need to produce environmentally friendly…

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