Bangladesh renewable energy market receives support from the World Bank

Bangladesh Renewable Energy Market - Flag of Bangladesh

World Bank invests $55 million into Bangladesh The government of Bangladesh has entered into a new deal with the World Bank. Per the deal, the World Bank will provide $55 million to help expand the use of renewable energy in rural parts of the country. The Bangladesh renewable energy sector has been growing slowly in recent years, but new investments have been adding more momentum. The country is now working to bring clean power to rural communities in order to ensure they have reliable access to the electricity they need.…

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Obama Administration commits more funding to the Green Climate Fund in order to fight climate change

Climate Change - Funding for Green Energy

Program will receive more funding to aid in the fight against climate change With its time coming to an end, the Obama Administration has taken steps to increase the federal government’s investments in the Green Climate Fund. The fund is meant to provide financial aid to developing countries in order to assist them in their fight against climate change. Initially, the federal government had committed $500 million to the Green Climate Fund. Now, however, the Obama Administration has announced that it has doubled this investment, bringing its level of financial…

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Japan issues support for climate change fund

Green Climate Fund releases funds to support developing countries The fight against climate change has taken an important step forward with the release of $5 billion for the Green Climate Fund. The fund is designed to serve as a mechanism to redistribute money from the developed world to the developing world. These funds are meant to be used to support the adoption of renewable energy, financing new projects that can help developing countries become more environmentally friendly. The fund also provides support for initiatives that aim to mitigate the impact…

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US invests $3 billion to fight climate change

United States pledges $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund Several countries have been growing more aggressive on the fight against climate change recently. Last week, the United States and China joined together to form one of the largest emissions agreements in history. The two countries are working together to lower emissions by a significant degree over the next few years. The United States has also revealed plans to invest in the Green Climate Fund, which uses money to assist developing countries combat the effects of climate change. New investment…

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US and China pledge action on climate change

UN summit sees US and China announce intentions to combat climate change in the coming years During a special United Nations summit held in New York City earlier this week, President Barack Obama and Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli pledged to fight climate change. During the summit, the Global Carbon Project showcased a report that suggested the world was on track to experience the worst case scenario of climate change. The report predicted that global temperatures would rise by an average of 41 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100, which would be…

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