Honda begins offering its new 2018 Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clairty Fuel Cell Vehicle 2018

Honda’s latest fuel cell vehicle is now available for lease in California Japanese automaker Honda has announced that its new 2018 Clarity Fuel Cell is now available for lease. Those interested in the new fuel cell vehicle can acquire it by signing a three-year lease at $369 a month, with $2,868 due at signing. The Clarity Fuel Cell is also eligible for a $5,000 rebate through California’s clean transportation program. The program is meant to encourage consumers to adopt clean vehicles by helping offset the overall cost of these cars.…

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Honda Clarity Fuel Cell priced to compete with the Toyota Mirai

Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

Honda is looking to compete more aggressively with other automakers in clean transportation Japanese automaker Honda is preparing to launch its new fuel cell vehicle, called the Clarity Fuel Cell, and the company is looking to compete with others that have already released such vehicles. Specifically, Honda has targeted Toyota as its chief competitor in the fuel cell field. Therefore, Honda has announced that it will be pricing the Clarity Fuel Cell to compete with Toyota’s new Mirai, which is already available in California. Clarity Fuel Cell lease terms may…

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Hyundai to update its fuel cell vehicle to be 30% more efficient

Hyundai ix35 hydrogen fuel car

New clean vehicle model expected to be launched in 2018 South Korean automaker Hyundai is preparing to release another clean vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, but it may not be available until early 2018. The company already has a fuel cell vehicle available, called the ix35, and it began delivering the first of these new cars to the United States in June of 2014. Since then, other major automakers have released their own fuel cell vehicles, some finding modest success with their offerings. Hyundai’s new vehicle, however, could…

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Honda launches its latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Japan

The new Clarity Fuel Cell is now available in Japan Honda has officially launched its new fuel cell vehicle, the Clarity Fuel Cell, in Japan. The vehicle is available for lease in the country, with price tag of $67,000. Honda expects that it will sell only 200 units of the vehicle in the first year that it is available, all of which are likely to be leased through government agencies, such as the Environment Ministry. Honda has plans to release the new Clarity in California later this year for the…

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Honda to launch new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in California in 2016

Automaker will bring its new fuel cell vehicle to California before the end of the year Japanese automaker Honda has announced that it will be selling its new fuel cell vehicle in California by the end of this year. California has become a very popular market for automakers looking to commercialize vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. Toyota has brought its own fuel cell vehicle to the state, but has delayed deliveries of this vehicle due to a lacking hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Honda believes that the state is ready for…

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