An artificial star could unlock a new future for renewable energy

Scientists reach a major milestone in the production of an artificial sun Chinese researchers have made a major breakthrough that could have promising implications for the future of renewable energy. The scientists have been working with a nuclear reactor known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), which is located in eastern China. Using EAST, the scientists have been able to produce hydrogen gas that is three times hotter than the core of the sun, which represents a major step forward in the production of what could be the world’s…

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US Hydrogen Gas Industry 2015 – Market Trends, Estimates and Forecasts:

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “US Hydrogen Gas Industry 2015 Market Research Report” to its database. The US Hydrogen Gas Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Hydrogen Gas industry. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The US Hydrogen Gas market 2015 analysis is provided for the US markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status. Development policies and plans are discussed as…

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The Hydrogen-Fuel cell will revolutionize the economy of the world

PEMFC as an optimal solution for the future energy economy Polymer electrolyte membrane or proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), where chemical energy is directly converted to electrical energy, provides a highly efficient alternative to a standard internal combustion engine. High power density, clean emissions (water), low temperature operation, rapid start-up and shutdown, and ability to use fuels from renewable sources are several reason why fuel cells such as PEMFC have attracted attention for large market applications, such as transportation. With these unique features, PEMFC will revolutionize the future energy…

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Artificial leaf harnesses solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel

Researchers work to develop a new artificial leaf that is cost effective and efficient Researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are working to develop a new artificial leaf that may be able to convert solar power into fuel with a high energy density. Artificial leaves have become quite popular in the scientific community as they provide a way to effectively mimic the process of photosynthesis. Mimicking this natural process is often cited as a major scientific breakthrough and a stepping stone toward a future where renewable energy is more…

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Researchers tap into solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers find way to efficiently produce hydrogen using sunlight Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found a way to produce hydrogen fuel in an efficient and cost effective manner. Low-cost hydrogen production has been a major priority for those interested in renewable energy and clean transportation. Much of the global auto industry has begun to focus on using fuel cells for future vehicles. In order for these vehicles to be considered commercially successful there must be a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure in place. The infrastructure itself will…

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Air Products unveils new hydrogen fuel production system

Green Fuel - Biodiesel

Need for hydrogen fuel spurs new production system Air Products, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel production technologies, has unveiled a new addition to its PRISM line of products. The company has taken note of the growing demand for hydrogen fuel as renewable energy becomes more popular. Fuel cells are gaining traction with a variety of organizations and consumers and have quickly established themselves as a valued energy source for the auto industry. As fuel cells become more popular, the need for hydrogen fuel is growing, as is the need…

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Hydrogen fuel production takes a major step forward

Hydrogen Fuel research

Researchers find new method of hydrogen fuel production As hydrogen fuel continues to gain more attention as a viable energy source, the efficient production of hydrogen fuel is becoming a pressing issue. The cost of fuel cells is not the only problem that hydrogen faces in terms of its use as a clean energy. Hydrogen fuel production has long been an issue that has kept the use of this energy at bay. Researchers from the University of Buffalo, however, may have found a method that could unlock efficient hydrogen fuel…

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University of Iowa Student wins Sims Award for work with hydrogen

University of Iowa - Hydrogen Fuel

University of Iowa Master’s student Jessica Reed was awarded the L.B. Sims Outstanding Thesis award for her work with hydrogen gas storage. In her work, Ms. Reed introduced magnetic particles to the surface of a rare metal called palladium, greatly increasing the rate through which the hydrogen enters and leaves the metal. This breakthrough could have significant implications in both fuel storage and portable power supplies that use hydrogen gas. Hydrogen challenges Hydrogen gas is useful in both electrochemical power and combustion power supplies, but can be hard to store…

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Hydrogenics system successfully arrives in Germany

Hydrogenics Germany hydrogen fuel

Hydroegnics delivers power-to-gas system on time Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has successfully delivered a 2 megawatt power-to-gas energy storage system to E.ON, Germany’s largest energy utility. In June 2012, Hydrogenics received an order for this storage system from E.ON, which would be used with a new energy system that is being built in Falkenhagen, Germany. The system developed by Hydrogenics will not only be used to store energy; it will also be used to produce gas that can be used in numerous…

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Hydrogen fuel storage the subject of research from Wake Forest University

Hydrogen Fuel Research Wake Forest University

Auto industry continues to focus on hydrogen fuel storage technologies The auto industry continues to push hydrogen-powered vehicles, but if these cars are to have a chance of finding success with consumers, advances in hydrogen fuel storage technology may be required. Hydrogen is a valuable source of energy and has been the subject of research for years. Storage has long been an issue with hydrogen fuel, and it has proven to be an issue that has somewhat hampered the progress of hydrogen transportation. Researchers aim to develop efficient, lightweight storage…

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EPFL technology may lead to efficient energy storage

Hydrogen Fuel Storage

EPFL research shows solar and hydrogen-based technology may be the solution to energy storage Alternative energy is quickly becoming a major focus for many countries around the world. These countries have shown some concern over environmental issues, but are setting their sights on alternative energy for primarily economic reasons. As focus intensifies on alternative energy, issues regarding storage are gaining more attention. Current storage technology is not well suited for the demands of clean energy. As such, researchers all over the world have been working to find ways to efficiently…

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Rutgers University tackles problem of energy storage

Renewable Energy Research UK

Rutgers University chemists work to find new storage technique for clean energy It seems that new sources of renewable energy are cropping up every day. While there can be no doubt that the world of clean energy is expanding, there is still a serious problem that could ultimately stop the use of renewable energy entirely. The problem is storage. While there are currently a variety of ways to store electrical power, few of them are suited for the energy generated from a renewable source, such as hydrogen fuel. This problem…

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Low-Cost Hydrogen Gas Production from Natural Gas, Freshwater, and Seawater

Advanced Plasma Industries

The number one priority of the World is energy independence and security through innovative technologies that creates clean jobs. Advanced Plasma Industries (API) has an innovative, proprietary, and patented solution to this problem. As you know, ever-increasing population growth and global industrialization continue to create a huge demand for energy. Whereas fossil fuels are unsustainable and pollutive sources of energy, hydrogen is a viable solution for sustainable emissions-free energy. However, current methods of producing substantial quantities of pure hydrogen (H2) cannot meet demand or be produced in a cost- effective…

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NIST researchers publish results of tests concerning pressurized hydrogen gas

Hydrogen research

*Image Credit: National Institute of Standards and Technology Hydrogen fuel tests necessary for the future of a comprehensive infrastructure Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have published the first results of the institute’s hydrogen fuel test facility. NIST began tests with hydrogen fuel recently, hoping to discover solutions to some of the problems keeping adoption of the alternative energy at bay. The facility aims to examine the various applications of hydrogen and how it can be used to power a multitude of electronics and equipment. As…

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A*STAR researchers create new pressure sensors using nanotechnology


Researchers from the A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics have constructed new pressure sensors using nanotechnology. Pressure sensors are widely used throughout the world of medicine and mechanics. Such sensors can often be found in vehicles and are used to note changes in fuel pressure. The new sensors developed at A*STAR are comprised of nanowires, which researchers claim have superior electrical and mechanical properties compared to conventional components usually found in sensory devices. The A*STAR sensors can detect even the slightest changes in pressure. As such, these devices are likely to be…

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German researchers experimenting with chemical compound that could be used for hydrogen storage

Hydrogen Fuel Research

Researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, have been experimenting with a chemical compound first patented by Air Products, a hydrogen production company, back in 2004. Known as N-ethylcarbazole, the chemical dates back to World War I where it was used in chemical weapons. Instead of focusing on its potential applications in weaponry, German scientists are trying to use the chemical for hydrogen storage. The research is in line with Germany’s continued pursuance of hydrogen energy as a potential replacement to fossil-fuels and nuclear power. Researchers claim that the chemical…

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