Solar energy in Indiana is being threatened by new legislation

Solar Energy - Sunset on farm in Indiana

Legislation seeks to make changes to state’s net metering program New legislation in Indiana could have a major impact on the state’s solar energy industry. This week, the state’s House of Representatives approved a bill that would lower the compensation that homeowners receive for funneling surplus electricity into the energy grid. Advocates of solar energy have decried the legislation, suggesting that it makes unnecessary changes to the state’s net metering program. If enacted, the legislation could make solar energy significantly less attractive to a wide range of consumers. Solar energy…

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Indiana legislation takes aim at solar energy net metering

Solar Energy - Image of Net Metering Device

Legislation intends to make changes to Indiana’s net metering initiative New legislation in Indiana has generated some controversy among supporters of solar energy. The legislation recently passed through the Indiana Senate Utilities Committee and it aims to put an end to the state’s net metering initiative. Net metering is designed to incentivize the use of solar energy, encouraging more people to make use of this form of clean power. This initiative has been particularly popular among homeowners, many of whom have been looking for ways to make use of solar…

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Legislation in Indiana could curtail the growth of the solar energy market

Solar Energy Market - Sunset in Indiana

Lawmakers seek to remove net metering from the solar energy market New legislation has been introduced in Indiana that aims to bring about major changes to the state’s solar energy market. The legislation intends to remove net metering, which has long been a major incentive encouraging homeowners and businesses to embrace solar. Solar supporters fear that without net metering, many people may be prevented from using the electricity generated by their own solar panels. This could also limit the number of people able to enter into the solar energy market.…

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Amazon announces new wind energy project in Texas

Amazon will be launching a new wind energy system in West Texas Major online retailer Amazon has announced a new major renewable energy project in Texas. The project is focused on wind power and has been dubbed the Amazon Wind Farm Texas. Amazon is just one among many major companies that have begun to invest aggressively in wind energy and other forms of clean power. The company believes that renewable energy can help it become more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of harmful emissions it produces each year. Wind…

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Renewable energy to replace coal power plants in Midwest US

U.S. renewable energy to replace coal plants

Coal to give way to renewable energy in US The U.S. continues to move away from its use of fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy. The country has set very stringent emissions and energy efficiency standards for itself that can only be attained through the adoption of renewable energy. As the federal government continues to put more focus on cleaner forms of power, the country’s utilities are beginning to feel pressure to also break ties with fossil-fuels. This week, one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S. has agreed…

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Genport SRL to build headquarters at Purdue Research Park in Indiana

Alternative energy - Purdue Research Park

New U.S headquarters for hybrid fuel cell technology research firm Genport SRL, an Italian manufacturer of electric generators and lithium-ion batteries, has announced that it will be seeking to establish a headquarters in North America. The company is spending $2 million to build this headquarters at the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. The facility will not be devoted to serve the company’s establish pedigree. Instead, Genport researchers will be experimenting with new hybrid fuel cell technologies that could have serious implications for alternative energy in the U.S. In terms…

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