European transport companies come together to develop new fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Interior of Hydrogen Bus

German and Italian companies will work together to bring more fuel cell vehicles to Europe German and Italian public transportation companies are coming together in order to help develop new fuel cell buses in Europe. This is part of a larger European Union initiative that aims to cut down on urban emissions and improve the overall air quality of European cities. The German and Italian companies are seeking to develop 63 new fuel cell vehicles, which will serve as public transit solutions in major urban areas. New buses will help…

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G7 embraces renewable energy, aims to de-carbonize by 2100

G7 have pledged to completely move away from fossil-fuels by 2100 Seven of the world’s most industrialized nations have pledged to phase out their use of fossil-fuels by 2100. The Group of Seven (G7) recently met in Germany to determine further action on de-carbonization efforts. These countries — the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy — have been working to distance themselves from fossil-fuels for years, but have not made an aggressive push for doing so until recent years. More aggressive goals concerning de-carbonization have…

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SOFCOM project makes a breakthrough with fuel cells

Clean energy project continues to gain momentum in the European Union A breakthrough energy project in Europe is using fuel cells to generate electrical power by consuming organic waste that is collected from wastewater treatment plants. The project is called SOFCOM and is financed by the European Commission’s Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The project is managed by Politecnico di Torino and 10 other partner organizations that span 7 European countries. The focus of SOFCOM is to produce clean energy in an efficient manner through the use of wastewater.…

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Solar energy reaches new milestone in Japan

Japan hits 10GW of installed solar energy capacity As Japan continues to look for alternatives to fossil-fuels and nuclear power, the country has reached a major milestone concerning solar energy. A recent study conducted by NPD Solarbuzz, a research organization focused on solar energy, found that Japanese photovoltaic installations surpassed the 10 gigawatt mark. This makes Japan only the fifth country in the world to reach this milestone. The other four are Italy, China, Germany, and the U.S. Country shows strong support for solar power Japan has a history of…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may power future submarines

Hydrogen fuel cells to power submarines

New analysis links hydrogen fuel cells to submarines Fuel Cell Today has published a new analysis concerning the use of hydrogen fuel cells on submarines. Around the world, military organizations are facing major challenges in terms of energy and many have been feeling pressure to break away from fossil-fuels. While this can be a somewhat simple issue for some militaries, it becomes exceedingly complicated when submarines get involved. Though submarines do not operate on fossil-fuels, their current energy options are quickly become somewhat obsolete, which could be paving the way…

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Renewable energy investments rising in some countries, declining in others

Green Technology Investments

Renewable energy continues to receive strong governmental support, but lacking among investors Renewable energy investments have been steadily declining over the past year in several countries. This is despite the support that a growing number of governments showing more support for renewable energy for the sake of economic and environmental stability. While declining renewable energy investments have been reported in some countries, investments in others have been skyrocketing. The Pew Charitable Trusts has released the latest edition of its annual “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race” report, highlighting the investments…

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Solar energy may be on track for grid parity in 2014

Solar Energy

Deutsche Bank predicts grid parity for solar energy in near future The Deutsche Bank, a global banking and financial services firm based in Germany, has released a new analysis of the solar energy market, offering predictions of where the market will be heading in the coming year. Notably, the firm is predicting grid parity for numerous markets in Europe and Asia. Grid parity has been an elusive goal for the solar energy industry for years, but the Deutsche Bank suggests that 2014 may be the time when prices for solar…

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Solar energy could be a lucrative focus for the US

Solar Energy U.S.

US may be missing out on revenues in the global solar energy market The U.S. has been showing an aggressive interest in renewable power over the past two years, but the country could be missing out on a significant opportunity in the global solar energy market. A new report from the Pew Charitable Trust, a non-profit political organization, suggests that the U.S. may be losing out on more than $1 trillion in revenue in the solar energy sector. This is largely due to the government policies that exist that have…

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Gamesa pens deal to provide turbines to Italian wind farm

Wind Energy Subsidies May Negatively Impact Wind Farm in Scotland

Gamesa to bring new wind turbines to Italian wind farm Gamesa, a leading manufacturer of wind turbines, has finalized a deal with Italy’s Eolica Erichie to provide the wind turbines needed for a new wind farm that is taking root in the country. Wind energy has become a popular option in Italy, primarily due to the economic potential of renewable power. The country is one of the hardest hit by the European financial crisis and the government has been looking for ways to bolster the economy and find some semblance…

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Acta develops new alkaline electrolyzer that could make hydrogen more viable

Power-to-gas Research

Acta unveils new electrolyzers Italy’s Acta S.p.A, a developer of hydrogen generation systems, has developed a new alkaline membrane electrolyzer that is not reliant on a catalyst made of platinum or iridium. The company suggests that this new electrolyzer could cost only a third as much as more conventional models that rely on catalysts using expensive materials. Acta notes that it has developed the only other electrolyzer that currently exists in the hydrogen market, putting the company in a strong position to have a profound impact on the fuel cell…

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Italy shifting focus toward alternative energy amidst financial crisis


Prime Minister Mario Monti proposes several initiatives to promote alternative energy.  Italy is currently in the throes of an economic crisis, along with other countries within Europe. This crisis has spurred change in the country, much of which has been directed at its political and economic structures and paradigms. The crisis has also sparked a change in the mindset of the government, leading Italy to consider alternative energy as an economic and political issue rather than one solely about the environment. Now, the government is looking to introduce a number…

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The now and future of hydrogen highways

Hydrogen Highways

One of the most daunting challenges facing hydrogen fuel cells today is infrastructure. The lack of abundant filling station around the world severely inhibits the marketability of fuel cell powered vehicles and is preventing them from being used on a massive scale. In an effort to establish an infrastructure and move hydrogen fuel cells into the mainstream, a number of proposals have been made to develop hydrogen highways – a series of filling station along roads that will service hydrogen powered cars. While hydrogen fuel has long been hailed as…

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