Renewable power is making progress in the Netherlands

Renewable Power - Windmils in the Netherlands

CBS highlights the growth of clean energy Renewable power accounted for 6.6% of all electricity generated in the Netherlands in 2017, according to CBS, the nation’s statistics agency. The Dutch government has been working to support clean power in recent years in order to combat climate change. Notably, biomass has played a major role in helping the Netherlands accomplish this goal as it has helped reduce the emissions produced by vehicles. Biomass has helped make transportation and energy production cleaner According to CBS,  solar power accounted for 30% of the…

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New hydrogen generation system being put to the test in California

Hydrogen Generation - Street in California

Companies come together to use solar power to produce hydrogen fuel The Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PWNL), and the STARS Corporation have come together to develop a new hydrogen generation system that is powered by the sun. The system is designed to use sunlight to convert natural gas and water into hydrogen. The process will produce some carbon dioxide, but this will be captured to prevent its entry into the environment. The hydrogen would then be used for various purposes, such as powering vehicles or…

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Green home energy is leading the way among renovation trends

Green Energy Home - Residential renewble energy

A growing number of homeowners are opting for microgeneration technologies such as solar. Building an addition or an extension onto an existing house can be a phenomenal way to boost home value and ensure that a current residence continues to suit a family’s needs without having to move. However, a bigger home can lead to rising electrical and heating demands and costs. As a result, many homeowners are choosing to participate in a rapidly growing green home energy trend. By installing microgeneration technologies onto existing homes or those that have…

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China to aggressively increase wind energy capacity

Chinese Flag Blowing in Wind - Wind Energy

China has plans to expand its use of wind energy over the next 10 years China has unveiled ambitious plans concerning wind energy. Over the next decade, the country plans to install more than 25 gigawatts of new wind energy capacity every year. By the end of that ten-year period, some 403 gigawatts of wind capacity is expected to be installed, according to MAKE Consulting. China has already invested heavily in clean power, with solar energy being one of the most heavily supported forms of new electricity generation in the…

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France is taking another step in its transition toward renewable energy

Renewable Energy in France - French Flag

Country to ban new oil and gas exploration projects France is set to take a major step forward in its transition away from fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy. The country is planning to no longer grant licenses for new oil and gas exploration projects. This is part of France’s “ecological transition,” which will see the country move away from old forms of power that produce harmful emissions. By halting new oil and gas exploration projects, France may be able to significantly slow the development of new fossil-fuel systems as…

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Washington looks to build up its geothermal energy capacity

Geothermal Energy - Natural Source

New legislation aims to streamline the use of geothermal energy in the state Washington legislators have passed a new bill that aims to streamline the state’s use of geothermal energy. The state has shown some interest in this form of clean power recently, but has been slow to embrace geothermal power when compared to its neighbors. Washington already uses a heavy mix of clean power sources, but is now looking to ensure that geothermal energy plays a larger role in its sustainable future. Washington has been somewhat slow in developing…

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Wind energy reaches a new milestone in the central United States

Wind Energy Farm - Renewables

SPP reports that wind energy has accomplished a new goal Wind energy in the United States reached yet another milestone over the past weekend. On Sunday, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), an organization that manages energy transmission systems in the central United States, became the first entity of its kind to supply 52.1% of its electricity load with wind power. Over the past several months, wind energy has been growing in terms of penetration, supplying more electrical power to the energy grid. The sector continues to achieve new milestones due…

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Green energy innovation in India turns fish scales into electricity

Instead of disposing of the scales as waste, they are being recycled into usable power. In India, a team of Jadavpur University researchers have come up with a green energy innovation that recycles waste material into electricity. In this case, the waste material is biodegradable energy extracted from raw fish scales. The fish scales would typically be thrown away, but now they might become a source of fuel for the next generation of devices in the country. In fact, the research team thinks they may be an ideal energy source…

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Munich geothermal energy planning is underway

The German city has been conducting seismic studies to use the heat under the earth’s surface. The large scale Munich geothermal energy plans have now been released for the city located in Bavaria, Germany. The city’s plans for the renewable energy as a heating source are quite ambitious. The Munich geothermal energy strategy goals involve a 2040 deadline. By then, it wants to become the first large city in the world to be heated by 100 percent renewable energy. Geothermal energy will be playing a considerable role in this sizeable…

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Artificial trees could generate renewable energy from vibration

U.S. researchers may have found a new form of green power generation from vibrations. New findings from an ongoing renewable energy study at Ohio State University, involving a new technology that looks something like artificial leafless trees with limited branches, show that it is likely that the trees will be able to draw consistent energy from vibrations. The researchers discovered that when shaken, the trees undergo a type of vibration that can be utilized to generate electricity and that this generation of energy could be conducted with small-scale artificial trees.…

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Renewable energy and emissions reduction could save the US billions of dollars

Study highlights the financial impact of emissions reduction efforts in the United States The rise of renewable energy could save the United States billions of dollars as well as saving lives, according to a new study from researchers from Duke University’s Nicholas School of Environment. The study found that committing to the emissions reduction target established by the Paris Agreement will have a major financial impact on the country. There have been concerns that sticking to these targets would actually create more cost than benefit, but the study suggests that…

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Obama seeks to secure support for renewable energy with charge on oil

President proposes new charge that will be applied to all oil being sold in the country President Barack Obama is set to propose a new charge of oil that is meant to promote clean transportation and renewable energy projects throughout the United States. The president intends to charge $10-per-barrel of oil, with the federal government planning to use the funds collected by the new charge to support a wide range of environmentally friendly projects. Obama’s proposal faces major political challenges, however, and there is no guarantee that it will gather…

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Data center promises to power facility with 100 percent renewable energy

Switch announced its plans to run a fully green operation in West Michigan. Switch has announced its plans to power its SUPERNAP data center facility in Michigan, located at the former Steelcase pyramid building, with 100 percent renewable energy. Switch has been working with Consumers Energy to create a plan to fully run the data center’s operations on clean power, according to a press release that was issued jointly by the Nevada-based company and Consumers Energy. Switch has made a strong commitment to going green. The cloud service provider also…

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San Diego makes 100% renewable energy pledge

The Californian city is working to cut its greenhouse gas emission in half in 20 years. San Diego, California, the eighth largest city in the United States, has vowed to make the shift to 100% renewable energy by 2035; a move that will halve its greenhouse gas emissions. Although other major U.S. cities like San Francisco and New York have said that they intend to use more clean energy sources, San Diego is the largest municipality in America to fully commit to switching to entirely renewable power sources. The city…

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Google makes massive renewable energy purchase

The Internet giant has purchased a whopping 842 MW of green energy. Last week, Google announced on its official blog that it has made what it says is the “largest and most diverse, purchase of renewable energy ever made by a non-utility company.” It will be adding an impressive 842 MW (megawatts) of clean energy from renewable wind and solar sources to its data centers. Google’s new purchase nearly doubles the amount of clean energy the company has purchased to date. Across three countries Google has managed to add an…

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Underwater balloons could provide renewable energy storage

A Canadian startup has invented a pressurized underwater balloon system that can store renewable energy. Hydrostor, a Toronto-based Canadian startup, has said that it has created a renewable energy storage solution that is a system of pressurized underwater balloons, which cannot only store energy generated by renewable sources until it is needed, but can also last two times as long as the current best batteries and at a far cheaper cost. The energy storage system could lower the need for traditional energy sources as backup power sources. Traditional energy sources,…

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