Honolulu leads the US in installed solar energy capacity per capita

Solar Energy - Hawaii

Report highlights the growth of solar energy in Hawaii A new report from the Environment America Research & Policy Center shows that Honolulu, Hawaii, ranks first in the United States in terms of solar energy installations per capita. The state’s capital has beaten other, larger cities with solar installations. While Honolulu has established a lead in solar installations per capita, it falls behind both San Diego and Los Angeles in terms of overall solar energy capacity, with approximately 175 watts of solar power per person. Solar sector continues to thrive…

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Growing number of cities are showing support for renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Support for Change

Two more cities opt to abandon fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy More cities throughout the United States are making the commitment to abandon fossil-fuels. Madison, Wisconsin, and Abita Springs, Louisiana, have become the latest cities to make renewable energy a major priority. They have joined 23 other cities, such as San Diego, California, in committing to derive no less than 100% of their power from renewable sources in the coming years. Both cities have plans to invest heavily in renewable energy in order to achieve their goals. City council…

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San Diego makes 100% renewable energy pledge

The Californian city is working to cut its greenhouse gas emission in half in 20 years. San Diego, California, the eighth largest city in the United States, has vowed to make the shift to 100% renewable energy by 2035; a move that will halve its greenhouse gas emissions. Although other major U.S. cities like San Francisco and New York have said that they intend to use more clean energy sources, San Diego is the largest municipality in America to fully commit to switching to entirely renewable power sources. The city…

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Vancouver embraces renewable energy

City Council votes to adopt renewable energy in a major way The City of Vancouver, British Columbia, has become the first city in Canada to aim to derive no less than 100% of its electrical power from renewable energy sources, following a vote from the City Council. The council unanimously voted to embrace renewable energy, hoping to abandon more conventional forms of power that are environmentally hazardous. British Columbia has become a very prominent clean technology and energy market, where innovation is being supported by provincial policies and initiatives from…

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Solar energy for homes gains more funding in California

Funding for residential solar energy projects shifts Solar energy systems for homes are expected to become more accessible in San Diego, California, thanks to new funding provided to the California Solar Initiative. The program is designed to provide financial support for solar energy projects. This support is given for the first 180 megawatts worth of solar projects that take root within the San Diego area. The vast majority of this funding, however, was for non-residential projects, but that is changing due to action from the California Public Utilities Commission. $5…

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New charging stations for electric vehicles opens in San Diego

Drivers of electric vehicles have a new place to charge their cars NRG eVgo, a company specializing in building charging stations for electric vehicles, has opened its first high-tech station in San Diego, California. The company claims that the station is capable of charging every electric vehicle currently operating on San Diego’s roads. The growing popularity of electric vehicles is calling for more charging stations to take form throughout California. The state currently boasts of a relatively robust infrastructure capable of supporting these vehicles, but more stations are needed to…

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Inland Empire Utilities Agency activates new biogas power plant

\Biogas Fuel Cells - Biogas pipes

Inland Empire Utilities Agency makes use of fuel cells to generate electricity from biogas California’s Inland Empire Utilities Agency has activated a 2.8 megawatt fuel cell plant that is capable of converting the biogas produced by waste into electricity. The fuel cell plant, which is located in Ontario, California, is the largest of its kind in the U.S. The facility is equipped with fuel cells developed by FuelCell Energy, a leading fuel cell manufacturer. The Inland Empire Utilities Agency expects that the fuel cells will cut down on harmful emissions…

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