US launches new program to support solar energy and efficiency

New funding program will provide $68 million to efficiency and solar power projects throughout the country The U.S. government has announced the launch of a new program that aims to support some 540 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects throughout the country. The program will support an estimated 240 solar energy projects, tapping into $68 million in federal funds. The funds are expected to help projects that are currently in development make significant progress over the coming years. The money is also likely to provide some needed support to projects…

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Solar energy company receives funding to expand leasing program

SunPower acquires funding that will be used to expand leasing program and accelerate adoption of solar power SunPower, a manufacturer of photovoltaic technologies, has secured $42 million in funding. This money is to be used to expand the company’s solar leasing program. These leasing programs are becoming very popular among homeowners that are interested in renewable energy. The programs allow homeowners to install solar panels on their properties without having to deal with the upfront costs associated with the purchase and installation of these energy systems. Funding comes as a…

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Company turns to individuals and small groups to fund solar energy endeavors

SolarCity looks to tap into new investment resources for the future SolarCity, a leading solar energy developer in the U.S., is seeking out new investors. The company has made impressive growth over the past few years, breaking new ground in markets around the world and finding success in making solar power more available to a wider range of people and businesses. Now, the company is looking to sell securities directly to individuals and small groups that are interested in the way it delivers solar power and its associated technologies. Leasing…

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New York embarks on ambitious journey with solar energy

Solar power continues to flourish in New York New York has grown quite ambitious concerning renewable energy in recent years. The state is quickly establishing itself as a leading power in the solar energy field, rivaling even solar-focused California. Now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced an ambitious new initiative that will further increase the state’s focus on solar power. Through this initiative, the state will be offering $1 billion in new funding for solar projects. This funding is expected to be issued through the NY-Sun Initiative, which has…

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China announces major shift in support for solar energy companies

China continues to reform solar industry The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued an order that could put 75% of the country’s solar products manufacturers out of work. The agency recently released a list of 134 manufacturing companies that are eligible for financial support from the government and its financial service institutions. This initiative is part of an overarching effort from the Chinese government concerning major changes being made to the country’s domestic solar industry. Trade disputes spark change China has been working on reforms for its…

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DOE invests in new solar energy projects

Projects seek to mitigate costs of manufacturing PV technologies The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $13 million in grants to five solar energy projects that are designed to improve the domestic manufacture of photovoltaic technologies. The federal agency has been promoting the domestic production of PV modules in the hopes of helping the U.S. solar sector experience more growth. Currently, a significant portion of the PV modules that are used in the U.S. come from Asia and Europe. Domestic production could be economically beneficial By promoting domestic production, the…

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New solar energy project seeks aid through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding could bring solar energy to schools The Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit international environmental advocacy group, has turned to crowdfunding in order to support an initiative that intends to bring solar energy to schools. This is the first time that the organization has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Through the campaign, the Natural Resources Defense Council intends to raise awareness concerning the benefits of solar energy and how it can be used to reduce the environmental impact of schools as well as reduce their expenditure on fuel. Campaign seeks…

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Solar energy shows signs of promise in new report

Report highlights investments coming into the solar energy field The Mercom Capital Group, a market intelligence firm, has released a new report concerning venture capital in the solar energy sector. The report suggests that the funding that solar energy has been receiving from private investors has been on the rise over the past year. In the third quarter of 2013, the report shows that some $207 million in venture capital came into the solar energy sector, an increase of over $18 million from the previous quarter. Investors growing more confident…

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Solar energy becomes a major focus for Argentina

Argentina Solar Energy

Argentina boosts support for solar energy Argentina has not been a very popular market for solar energy. Modest support from the country’s government has kept the adoption of renewable energy relatively low. The country’s currently produces a total of approximately 10 megawatts of electrical power through solar energy systems, despite receiving a significant amount of sunlight throughout the year. This is expected to change, however, as the country sees interests from its European neighbors who boast of large solar energy capacities. The companies that have seen success in the renewable…

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Solar energy research wins backing of DOE

Solar energy affordable

More funding comes to solar energy research The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a new round of funding for research and development of alternative energy. This funding is part of the federal government’s SunShot Initiative, which aims to boost the adoption of solar energy and the quality of its associated technologies. Funding issued by the federal agency will be split among seven projects in six states. These projects will be making use of a new “Big Data” analytical tool that is designed to accelerate the deployment of solar energy…

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Solar cell efficiency research gains more support from DOE

Solar energy - solar cell research

Solar cell efficiency funding increased Efficiency has long been a concern when it comes to the matter of solar energy. Solar cells are becoming a more attractive technology because of their acclaimed capabilities in efficiency, but solar cell efficiency has yet to reach a level that can be considered viable for widespread use. The U.S. Department of Energy has issued more funding in order to add momentum behind research concerning solar cell efficiency. These funds are expected to help in the production of record-breaking solar cells that could change the…

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Florida welcomes PACE financed energy program to boost solar power


  Solar power incentives keep Florida on PACE Solar energy is about to get a major boost in Florida as the state welcomes the first commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. PACE is a financing scheme approved by legislation that allows municipal governments to offer bonds to investors and provide monetary incentives to help consumers adopt alternative energy. The state’s PACE program is called the Florida Green Energy Works Program. It will be taking root in Lantana this month and will help bolster the use of solar energy in…

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