Dutch company uses hydrogen fuel to power Tesla Model S

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Tesla Model S

Company launched Project Hesla to show than battery electric vehicles can make use of fuel cells as well A gas supplier from the Netherlands is claiming that is had made the Tesla Model S even more efficient than it already is. The Holthausen Group launched what its calls Project Hesla last week. The project involved taking a Tesla electric vehicle and equipping it with a hydrogen fuel cell system. The company acquired a Model S and modified the vehicle to that it could make use of hydrogen fuel as well…

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Hyundai plans to launch new electric vehicle next year

Electric Vehicles - Image of Hyundai SUV

New electric vehicle will be an updated model of the Kona South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced plans to release a new electric vehicle next year. The new vehicle will be an electrified version of its subcompact SUV Kona. The automaker also plans to launch a new fuel cell vehicle in order to establish a stronger position in the clean transportation space. Hyundai has invested more heavily in clean vehicles in order to meet the growing demand coming from consumers while also complying with emissions regulations being put into place…

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Toyota to compete with Tesla for title of clean transportation champion

Toyota sets its sights on Tesla Toyota once held the title of most environmentally friendly automaker in the world, thanks to its innovative Prius. The popularity of this vehicle model has always been quite high, but Toyota has seen much of its clean transportation pedigree lost to Tesla Motors. Tesla, unlike other large automakers, focuses exclusively on electric vehicles, producing no vehicles that consume fossil-fuels. Toyota wishes to reclaim its place as the leading name in clean transportation in the coming years and will be focusing more heavily on producing…

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Porsche has unveiled a new electric car concept

The German sports car maker recently showed off its first fully electric concept car at the Frankfurt auto show. Called the Mission E, Porsche’s four-door electric car concept has a range of over 500 kilometers (310 miles) on one charge and can recharge to about 80% of its capacity in as little as 15 minutes. The electric vehicle (EV) concept from Porsche is notably faster at recharging its battery than Tesla’s Model S, which needs approximately 30 minutes to reach the same percentage of charge to about a 270 kilometer…

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Tesla could face competition from hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Toyota is looking to become more aggressive in the clean transportation market Toyota is beginning to grow more aggressive in the clean transportation space in order to establish dominance in a changing market. In the United States, clean vehicles are becoming more popular as consumers look for ways to become more environmentally friendly. The federal government is promoting clean transportation, as well, investing in the development of the infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles. Conventional electrics — those powered by batteries — have already established some momentum, but vehicles equipped…

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Electric car with dual motor and all-wheel-drive unveiled by Tesla

Tesla Motors is making its Model S sedan safer and faster. The luxury electric car manufacturer has recently announced its new Tesla P85D, an all-wheel-drive (AWD) electric vehicle that will have two motors, one powering the rear wheels and one powering the front wheels. The new model will be able to compete better with other high-end sedans. In front of an audience of over 1,000 people, the company’s CEO Elon Musk announced last week Tesla’s new electric vehicle model. Musk explained that although AWD gas-powered cars tend to be less…

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Tesla Model S wins another victory for clean transportation

Tesla continues to exceed expectations when it comes to its electric vehicles Tesla Motors has been making headlines recently. The automaker has been decrying the viability of fuel cells in clean transportation, opening up its technology patents to the auto industry, and showcasing how efficient its electric vehicles can be. On that last point, Tesla’s vehicles have certainly been winning acclaim for their performance and efficiency. This is somewhat surprising because conventional electric vehicles have long been criticized due to their inefficiency. Tesla has managed to rebuke this criticism with…

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Tesla promises a clean transportation revolution

Tesla Motors prepares to launch new Model S in the UK Tesla Motors is promising to deliver an electric vehicle revolution. The company has already established a powerful position in the auto industry with its ambitious and innovative approach to transportation. Now, the company is looking to set a higher standard for transportation by introducing its new Model S Performance Plus vehicle. The vehicle is set to arrive in the United Kingdom next month and could serve as a stepping stone toward a new future in clean transportation. New vehicle…

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Tesla scores major victory with electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles - Tesla Model S

Tesla electric vehicles reach monumental milestone Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, has been seeing major progress in the transportation market over the past year, despite some challenges. Late last year, Tesla was caught in a controversy involving a review of one of its electric vehicles, in which the reviewer suggested that the vehicle itself was faulty and could not perform as well as conventional vehicles. The vehicle in question, however, was equipped with equipment that tracked the performance of the vehicle, which served to debunk the notions of…

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Sitting in the Lap of Two Luxurious Electric Vehicles

Renewable Energy - Energy Cost

Stylish Electric Vehicles… You can say good-bye to the excuses of battery failure, lack of plug-in charging stations and the raised brows eyeing the odd egg-shape of tiny eco-mobiles. Innovations, evolutions and revelations have turned the sustainable energy world into a thriving force. We are teaming up and putting nature to the test. The wind, sun, water and earth have been hinting for years that they can handle it, and we are finally listening. Automobile companies are taking EVs to new levels. Just a decade ago, we were in awe…

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