Chinese company to bring solar energy to Kenya

August 29, 2013 0 By John Max

China continues to show strong support for solar energy

Solar energy has been showing remarkable progress in China in recent years. The country has been showing a great deal of support for various forms of renewable energy in an effort to curb its emissions and mitigate the rising costs associated with fossil-fuels. Solar power has become one of the country’s most favored forms of energy and a domestic solar energy industry has managed to find significant levels of success in many parts of China. While the country is currently renovating this industry, many solar developers are looking beyond China’s borders to find promising markets where their projects can thrive.

Company has big plans for solar power in Kenya

Dongfang Electric International, one of China’s leading energy companies, has announced plans to establish a solar energy organization in Kenya. This organization will be responsible for the development of a 50 megawatt solar energy system that will be tied into the Kenyan energy grid. This solar system will be based in Nakuru County in the northwestern part of the country. Construction of the solar energy system is expected to begin in 2014 and will take approximately three years to complete.

Kenya - Solar EnergyDonfang awaits government approval

The project is currently in relatively early stages of development. Dongfang Electric is hoping to receive approval for its project from the Kenyan government by early 2014. The company will have to purchase 100 acres of land that will serve as home for its ambitious project. Attaining government approval can be a time consuming process and is currently the most significant challenge facing the solar energy project.

Kenya aims to boost renewable energy capacity in near future

Kenya currently holds a strong interest in renewable energy. The country boasts of 1.6 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity and has plans to invest heavily in geothermal energy and other forms of clean power. Like other African countries, Kenya is often considered a favorable solar energy market due to its constant exposure to solar radiation.

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