Clean transportation finds promising success in South Korea

April 15, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

Electric vehicle sales are surging in South Korea

Clean Transportation finds SuccessSales of electric vehicles are surging in South Korea. The country has put a strong focus on clean transportation and has been encouraging drivers to embrace electric vehicles for the past few years. The country’s automakers have been producing these vehicles at a faster pace in order to accommodate forthcoming demand. These vehicles are being marketed as more efficient than their conventional counterparts and more capable of satisfying the transportation needs of those living in South Korea’s largest cities.

Subsidies are helping make electric vehicles more financially attractive

One of the reasons that electric vehicle sales have been skyrocketing is because of new subsidies that have been introduced to support the adoption of these vehicles. These subsidies are designed to make electric vehicles, which can often be more expensive than traditional vehicles, more financially attractive. These subsidies are still relatively new, but they have managed to find a significant degree of success in making electric vehicles more available to consumers.

South Korean cities often have their own incentives meant to promote clean transportation

The subsidies provide up to $13,900 for the purchase of electric vehicles, but are not the only financial incentives that exist to promote clean transportation. Several of South Korea’s cities have their own incentives meant to boost the sale of electric vehicles. Many of these cities also have their own emissions reduction goals and have been working to adopt renewable energy more aggressively in recent years. Many of the country’s automakers are using these incentives to aggressively market their electric vehicles.

South Korea may serve as an example to both China and Japan when it comes to clean transportation and promoting electric vehicle sales

Surging sales may have an impact on other countries in Asia. While South Korean consumers tend to favor vehicles manufactured in their own country, the success of the country’s subsidies in promoting clean transportation may serve as an example to both China and Japan. Both these countries also have an interest in clean transportation and have been devising ways to promote the adoption of electric vehicles among consumers more aggressively.

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