Coventry University and Microcab to highlight benefits of hydrogen fuel

November 5, 2013 0 By John Max

Organizations to shed light on benefits of hydrogen fuel at upcoming eventmicrocab 13 - Hydrogen Fuel

The United Kingdom’s Coventry University, along with its auxiliary firm Microcab, are preparing to showcase their expertise in the clean transportation sector in the coming week. Representatives from both organizations will be presenting at the 2013 Automotive Engineering Show in Birmingham, where they will shed light on the various issues concerning clean transportation and the viability of zero-emissions vehicles. Microcab will be showcasing one of its vehicles at the event, which is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell.

Microcab participating in SWARM initiative

Microcab boasts of a fleet of fuel cell vehicles, each boasting of a 180 mile range per tank of fuel. These vehicles were recently launched as one of the largest hydrogen fuel demonstrations in the world and have garnered praise from the European Union. Microcab is part of the SWARM initiative, which aims to place 90 hydrogen-powered vehicles through a three-year technology development program.

UK continues to pursue a clean future

The United Kingdom has recently been making a strong push in cutting the emissions it is responsible for. As such, the country has been targeting the transportation sector, calling for the development and launch of low-emissions and zero-emissions vehicles. The country has become home to projects concerning the use of hydrogen fuel in the transportation sector and efforts are underway to bolster the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure, making it a more attractive market for fuel cell vehicles.

Business opportunities may be had through a focus on hydrogen fuel

Both Microcabs and Coventry University believe that there are significant business opportunities that lie within the realm of hydrogen fuel. Many of these opportunities are missed, however, due to uncertainty surrounding fuel cells and their capabilities. The two organizations will work to raise awareness of the various benefits that are associated with hydrogen fuel and how fuel cells could help the United Kingdom as a whole move toward a more sustainable economy.

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