DOE issues $14 million in funding to improve fuel cell technology

July 14, 2016 0 By Erin Kilgore

DOE issues more funding to support the advancement of clean technology

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced more funding for the advancement of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The federal agency is providing $14 million in funding for projects that focus on improving fuel cells. These projects are meant to accelerate innovation in fuel cell technology in order to make these energy systems more viable. While fuel cells have managed to acquire strong support in the auto industry, these energy systems have yet to find a place in other sectors beyond their industrial uses.

Companies receive financial support for their innovative fuel cell projects

Ceramatec Inc. is receiving some funding from the Department of Energy for its project. The project aims to improve the performance of durable materials used to split water into its base components of oxygen and hydrogen. The company intends to develop an innovative fuel cell architecture that features new support for thin electrolytes and micro-electrodes. Another company receiving support from the DOE is Fuel Cell Energy, a leading developer of fuel cell technology. This company’s project will demonstrate the capabilities of solid oxide fuel cells and systems that can produce hydrogen at $2 per kilogram.

United States continues to support the advancement of clean technology

Funding for Fuel Cell TechnologyThe funding from the Department of Energy is being issued through its Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. This initiative is meant to accelerate the development and deployment of new technologies. The United States has become heavily invested in clean technology as it works to become more environmentally friendly. The projects being supported by the Department of Energy involve high temperature water splitting, advanced compression, and thermal insulation, all of which will improve the performance and efficiency of fuel cell technology.

Hydrogen fuel cells may enter into new sectors as they become more efficient

Hydrogen fuel cells have long been used in various industrial sectors as energy systems. They have recently been adopted by automakers that want to make zero emission vehicles. Outside of the United States, these energy systems have been used for residential power to great effect. As fuel cell technology becomes more advanced, these energy systems will likely see more use in a wide range of sectors.

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