DOE offers more funding for hydrogen fuel cell research and development

March 5, 2015 0 By Bret Williams

Federal agency announces new funding opportunity for hydrogen fuel cells

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that as much as $35 million in funding is currently available for projects that seek to advance hydrogen fuel cell technology. This funding may help propel the fuel cell industry to new heights and accelerate the adoption of fuel cell vehicles in the near future. The federal agency has been showing strong support for fuel cells in recent years. In the past, the Department of Energy had believed that fuel cells were not a worthwhile investment. Now, however, the agency sees a great deal of promise in these energy systems.

Funding could help spur more innovation in the fuel cell industry

The funding is meant to spark innovation in the U.S. fuel cell industry. These energy systems have been experiencing a period of rapid adoption recently, but if fuel cell technology does not continue to improve, they may fall by the wayside in favor of other forms of renewable energy. The funding opportunity could be a major boon for researchers that are focused on fuel cell technology. Projects seeking to demonstrate the capabilities of advanced fuel cells and the deployment of these energy systems are likely to receive special attention from the Department of Energy.

Auto industry shows strong interest in fuel cells

DOE - Hydrogen Fuel FundingOne of the reasons why the Department of Energy has grown more supportive of fuel cells has to do with the auto industry. Many automakers are taking steps to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles, which produce no harmful emissions. These automakers are trying to comply with emissions regulations in prominent markets. These companies have plans to launch fuel cell vehicles in the relatively near future, and could benefit from advances made in fuel cell technology.

Research and development projects may receive funding from the federal government

The projects that the Department of Energy is looking to support involve hydrogen fuel production, hydrogen supply, fuel cell manufacturing, and fuel cell technology in general. The agency is also looking to support the demonstration of how fuel cells can be used for various purposes, and not just how they can be used in the transportation space.

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