Honda announces installation of new hydrogen fuel cells system

Honda announces installation of new hydrogen fuel cells system

March 29, 2013 0 By John Max

Honda Hydrogen Fuel

Honda sets sights on hydrogen fuel to curb emissions

American Honda, the U.S. division of the Honda Motor Company, has announced its next step in the company’s continuing work to mitigate its impact on the environment. Honda has been growing increasingly interested in reducing the emissions it produced through its various industrial endeavors. In the U.S., the company is faced with stringent emissions regulations. If these regulations are not met, the company could face serious fines. As such, Honda has set its sights on hydrogen fuel cells to cut down on its emissions.

New hydrogen fuel system installed at Honda facility

Honda has announced the installation of a new hydrogen fuel cell system at one of its facilities in Torrance, California. The system will consist of five stationary fuel cells that will be able to account for 25% of Honda’s energy needs. These energy systems will help power administration, research, and development  and will be able to produce enough electricity to power 750 average Californian homes. Over the ten years that these hydrogen fuel cells will be active, Honda expects more than 16 million pounds of carbon emissions will be displaced.

Fuel cells considered a viable way to reduce emissions

Honda has taken several steps to mitigate its production of carbon emissions. Energy efficiency has long been the most viable option for the company. Lowering energy consumption is not necessarily feasible in the long term, however, as Honda has ambitious plans concerning the future of transportation. In order to meet these plans, the automaker must be backed by a powerful energy source, which is where hydrogen fuel cells come in. These fuel cells will allow Honda to skirt the edges of energy efficiency, as the electrical power it will be using is generated from renewable sources rather than from fossil-fuels. Fuel cells produce no harmful emissions, making them an ideal energy system for Honda and the company’s endeavor to reduce its emissions.

Hydrogen continues to prove value in industrial sectors

Much of the auto industry has adopted a strong favor of hydrogen fuel. Fuel cells are expected to become the future of clean transportation as more automakers begin to highlight their performance and the fact that they produce no emissions. Consumers have yet to be won over by the prospect of hydrogen transportation, but fuel cells have proven their value time and again within the industrial sector.

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