Honeywell acquires hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer assets from Ballard subsidiary

Honeywell acquires hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer assets from Ballard subsidiary

November 10, 2020 1 By Angie Bergenson

The acquisition is for the business producing stored-H2 proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems.

Honeywell has acquired hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer assets from Ballard Unmanned Systems, a privately and wholly owned subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems Inc.

The PEM fuel cell systems power unmanned aerial systems (UAS), especially for energy inspection.

The acquisition of the hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer brings Honeywell specializes in stored H2 PEM fuel cell systems powering UAS, especially for cargo delivery, energy inspection and other forms of commercial and defense applications. These are all areas in which there is a rising demand for UAS services.

The specific components Honeywell is acquiring include core intellectual property, inventory, and Ballard Unmanned Systems equipment. Honeywell will also take on Ballard’s fuel cell expert team as a component of the overall acquisition.

“Adding Ballard Unmanned Systems to the Honeywell family is another example of our commitment to invest in the growing UAS segment,” explained Honeywell Aerospace president and CEO, Mike Madsen. “We can now begin producing top-quality, scalable power systems for our UAS customers and eventually adapt these systems for other future aerospace, defense and adjacent segment applications.”

The hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer’s systems help UASs to quietly fly longer distances with zero emissions.

The fuel cell power systems from Ballard Unmanned Systems can operate for as much as three times longer than electric batteries. Moreover, they have a reliability level that is five times greater than small engines. Additionally, unlike traditional gasoline fuelled engines that produce carbon emissions, H2 is a greenhouse gas emission free energy source.

Honeywell plans to add the Ballard Unmanned Systems capabilities to be able to introduce a spectrum of H2 fuel cell power systems for a range of different types of UAS vehicles. Honeywell will also collaborate with Ballard Power Systems for a wider range of different aviation purposes.

The terms of the acquisition deal between Honeywell and the hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer have Hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer - handshake - businessnot yet been disclosed. Furthermore, there have not been any changes made to the company’s third quarter 2020 outlook as a result of its intentions to acquire Ballard Unmanned Systems.

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