Hydrogen drone business partnership forms among Hy-Hybrid Energy, MMCUAV, and Goldi Mobility

Hydrogen drone business partnership forms among Hy-Hybrid Energy, MMCUAV, and Goldi Mobility

January 6, 2021 0 By Bret Williams

The strategic collaboration was signed to move green powered unmanned aerial vehicles forward.

Hy-Hybrid Energy, Goldi Mobility and Shenzhen MicroMultiCopter (MMCUAV) have signed a hydrogen drone business partnership agreement. They are aiming to use this strategic collaboration to advance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using emission-free fuel.

The agreement states that the partners will work together in Hungary to demonstrate the fuel cell drones.

In this hydrogen drone business partnership, MMCUAV provides non-exclusive rights across the EU to Goldi for use with their hydrogen powered drones and UAVs, in addition to a certificate of regional partnership certification. Goldi’s contribution is the repair, maintenance and refuelling services for compressed H2 for local customers. Hy-Hybrid brings Goldi the technical, demonstration and project management support it requires to set up this UAV business.

MMCUAV boasts a complete industrial supply chain for complete solutions as well as the key parts needed for various applications of UAVs and OEM/ODM cooperation. That firm’s background in global partnership collaborations ensures its commitment to enhancing automation level. In this way, there is improved safety in the human workplace, as well as better efficiency for reduced cost.

MMCUAV will be providing the hydrogen drone business product support as its part of the partnership.

This makes it possible for Goldi to be able to demo the projects in Hungary. All three of the partners will be working together to draw sales through product marketing across their own social media and commercial channels and platforms.

“We are now setting-up the hydrogen drone business at GOLDI’s facility in parallel to our ongoing efforts on Zero Emission Buses project- the battery electric and fuel cell electric buses in Hungary,” said Hy-Hybrid Energy CEO Dr. Naveed Akhtar. “To demonstrate our great interest in hydrogen powered aviation, last year we have organized the world’s first international hydrogen aviation conference (IHAC 2020) and now preparing for its 2nd round to take place on 2nd Sept 2021.”

Goldi will be filling an important gap in the hydrogen drone business through local refuelling of the hydrogen drone business - drone in flighttanks to their customers. The reason is that there aren’t many cost-effective solutions available for H2 refuelling as infrastructures are not yet widely established.

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