Lexus unveils new hydrogen engine recreational vehicle concept

Lexus unveils new hydrogen engine recreational vehicle concept

December 8, 2021 3 By Bret Williams

The recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) concept offers near zero-emission driving.

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division, recently unveiled a concept for a new recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) with a hydrogen engine. The vehicle features extreme off-road capability and near zero-emission driving.

The concept vehicle is a reflection of Lexus’ commitment to thrilling but carbon-free driving.

The luxury car brand is focused on achieving carbon neutrality goals but is simultaneously maintaining its eye on the appeal of driving its vehicles. The ROV Concept is meant to be a combination of those two issues, using a hydrogen engine for a responsive rise in torque that results from H2’s rapid combustion speed.

The H2-powered ROV is meant to be a step toward Lexus’ intention to keep up the pleasure of off-roading, but within the bounds of a low-carbon future. The 1.0-liter H2 engine works in the same way as a conventional gasoline-powered one. That said, instead of a petroleum gas tank, it features a high-pressure compressed H2 tank. This allows precision delivery of the H2 through a direct injector.

The ROV is towards the end of the video…

The hydrogen engine is nearly zero-carbon, though a tiny amount of engine oil burns while driving.

The design team behind the ROV Concept focused on creating a vehicle that would suit all types of natural environment. The hydrogen car features all the expected components of what an off-road vehicle should have. For instance, it has a protective cage, an exposed suspension, and heavy off-road tires for traction along muddy trails.

The ROV’s dimensions are approximately 123 inches long, 68 inches wide and 71 inches tall. The design team’s goal was to come up with the type of vehicle that would meet the expectations people would have from a luxury automaker, but without sacrificing an ROV’s rugged performance.

They designed a vehicle body that would offer passenger safety and protection while incorporating the signature Lexus grille and holding onto adequate travel for the front suspension. Furthermore, the front fender design was created to offer additional mud and rock protection. The hydrogen engine provides the power needed for all the other features to be enjoyable, worthwhile and meet off-roading expectations.

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