AFC Energy signs hydrogen fuel cell supply deal with Urban-Air Port

AFC Energy signs hydrogen fuel cell supply deal with Urban-Air Port

September 22, 2021 0 By Tami Hood

The collaboration will involve the creation and implementation of zero-emission off grid solutions.

AFC Energy PLC (LON stock symbol AFC) recently announced that it had signed a deal for hydrogen fuel cell supply as a part of a collaboration with Urban-Air Port Ltd.

The H2 technology provider will be a part of the micro airport infrastructure provider’s greater plans.

Urban Air-Port Ltd is a provider of off-grid, electric, and carbon-neutral Micro-Airport Infrastructure-as-a-Service (MAIaaS). According to the AFC Energy announcement, its deal will involve collaborating with Urban Air-Port for the development of 65 electric urban airports around the globe. That said, it will be leasing a zero-emission H2 unit for the first of those locations. It is in this segment of the strategy that AFC Energy will be taking part, as it will be responsible for the hydrogen fuel cell supply in the lease of the H2 power generator.

The first zero-emission off-grid micro airport location has been nicknamed “Air-One”. It will be installed in Coventry, England and will be unveiled early next year.Hydrogen fuel cell supply - An airline hub

AFC Energy will provide hydrogen fuel cell supply and other necessary technology for Air-One.

The company stated that this new collaboration is meant to establish zero-emissions off-grid power solutions for Urban-Air Port’s ground infrastructure. These solutions will be designed in such a way that they can be applied to autonomous drone and electric take-off and landing passenger-vehicle markets worldwide.

Each of the companies will be conducting an evaluation of the deployment opportunities for zero-emission off-grid power through H2 fuel for future sites within the Urban-Air Port portfolio of projects under development. This will help the companies to recognize precisely where the opportunities for H2 use have the greatest potential and where they will make sense to install at the Urban-Air Port project sites worldwide.

“Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Urban-Air Port and AFC Energy will look to expand their partnership to support a wider integration of sustainable power systems within the Urban-Air Port hub ecosystem in grid-absent or constrained environments,” read the news release statement from AFC Energy announcing the hydrogen fuel cell supply and collaboration deal with Urban-Air Port.

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