Hydrogen fuel cell technology highlighted in new Portland Community College course

Hydrogen fuel cell technology highlighted in new Portland Community College course

March 25, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Portland Community College Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Portland Community College adopts hydrogen fuel cell course

Oregon’s Portland Community College is to begin offering a new course in the field of renewable energy in April of this year. Renewable energy is becoming a very prominent focus in the U.S., but progress toward its adoption has been significantly delayed over the years due to technological problems and concerns regarding cost. Awareness and education are quickly becoming powerful tools that can overcome these problems and help renewable energy establish a stronger presence in the U.S. The new course being offered by the Portland Community College focuses on a particular renewable energy source: Hydrogen fuel cells.

Hydrogen fuel growing in popularity

Hydrogen fuel is becoming one of the most popular forms of renewable power in the world. Hydrogen is already widely used for industrial purposes, but has recently been adopted by the global auto industry as the fuel for future vehicles. While hydrogen fuel cells are faced with persistent criticism concerning their efficiency and cost, they have managed to win support of large companies and governments alike. As these energy systems become more acceptable, the need for educated individuals qualified in building and maintaining these systems is becoming more notable.

ClearEdge Power helps developer curriculum for new course

The Portland Community College will launch its Introduction to Fuel Cell Systems on April 4, 2013. The course will be part of the school’s Electronic Engineering Technology program and the curriculum for the course was developed, in part, by ClearEdge Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells. This will be the first course of its kind at any community college in Oregon and is expected to help provide students with knowledge concerning hydrogen fuel cells, how they work, and how they can be used.

Education may lead to the advancement of hydrogen fuel cells

Education may help create a bright future for hydrogen fuel cells, which are often under attack by those that consider these energy systems as impractical. Fuel cells have managed to acquire some support from the U.S. government recently, which is interested in the technology for its applications in transportation.

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