Hydrogen fuel MSTX 22 Watertaxi Rotterdam christened

Hydrogen fuel MSTX 22 Watertaxi Rotterdam christened

September 9, 2022 1 By Erin Kilgore

The zero-carbon emission watercraft will operate for 9 hours at cruising speed, serving a full day.

The hydrogen fuel powered MSTX 22 Watertaxi Rotterdam was recently christened in the city in the Netherlands.

The water vehicle has a capacity for as many as 12 passengers and will be used for regular operations.

The hydrogen fuel watercraft’s drivetrain, powered by a zepp.Y50 module, was developed by the SWIM consortium. This represents the first time this module has been used for maritime purposes by the Dutch system designer and integrator.

hydrogen boat

As many as 12 passengers will be able to be transported by the watertaxi, the latest to the full fleet at Watertaxi Rotterdam. The vessel is 8.8 meters long (about 29 feet), and travels at a maximum speed of 13 knots (25 kilometers per hour). The watercraft will be able to achieve a full day of operation of 9 hours at cruising speed, while carrying 14 kilograms of H2 per refill.

The project is the outcome of an ongoing collaboration between SWIM and Watertaxi Rotterdam. The consortium is composed of Flying Fish, Enviu and zepp.solutions. Together, they launched the development of the drivetrain back in 2020. For this collaboration, zepp.solutions was responsible for the hydrogen fuel system’s and H2 storage development and integration.

Hydrogen Fuel - MSTX 22 Watertaxi Rotterdam - Doop MSTX22 43

The new hydrogen fuel MSTX 22 watertaxi is accessible to the public in Rotterdam for World Port Days.

“We’re very proud to see our zepp.Y50 module implemented in such an iconic application. I can’t think of a better way to kick off our maritime product line,” said zepp.solutions co-founder Jonas Brendelberger.

The Y50 turnkey hydrogen fuel module has previously been successfully applied to projects in the construction and heavy-duty sector. It is now being used for the first time for maritime purposes. The solution contains all the components, subsystems and control software required for converting H2 into electricity at top efficiency and operational strength.

The watercraft was available to the general public in Rotterdam throughout World Port Days, which took place on September 2 and 3. This will make the technology accessible to people interested in viewing zero-emission tech becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

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