BMW X5 hydrogen fuel powered car hits the streets for testing phase

BMW X5 hydrogen fuel powered car hits the streets for testing phase

May 3, 2021 0 By Erin Kilgore

The vehicle unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show is now heading out on public roads for tests.

When the BMW X5 hydrogen fuel powered car was first unveiled a couple of years ago at the Frankfurt Auto Show, its official product name was the i Hydrogen Next. That prototype had a similar look to the X5 G05 and featured some of the design elements that made the iX3 unique.

At that time, the automaker planned to roll out a small volume production by next year.

That first batch of H2-powered vehicles would be awarded to select customers chosen by the BMW Group. From there, the automaker planned to examine the hydrogen conditions as well as the actual consumer demand for the model before offering a hydrogen fuel powered car for ordinary sale by 2025 at the soonest.

BMW has now published its first wave of photos of a camouflaged BMW X5 prototype that is heading out onto active public streets for testing. These prototype vehicles have been clearly labeled on their sides with the words “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Vehicle”. The models feature a 374 PS / 368 hp powertrain identical to the IAA Frankfurt concept car presented in September 2019. This second generation of the model also generates as much as 125kW / 170PS (168 hp) of electric output from its fuel cells.

The hydrogen fuel powered car boasts H2 storage tanks that have been optimized for space and weight.

The tanks are located on the vehicle’s floor under the passenger shuttle. They are pressurized to 700 bar and have a combined 6-kilogram storage capacity for liquid hydrogen. The fuel’s mass provides the car with a substantial range in any weather conditions. The fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) being tested has a compact high-voltage, peak output battery. That component is located over the electric motor and was added to offer an additional overtaking and accelerating boost.

BMW’s goal is to have a complete and solid hydrogen fuel powered car lineup by 2030. It should have several consistent models ready by that year if their tests and demand play out as they are predicting. Over the long term, the automaker’s H2 fuel cell vehicles are expected to increase in popularity Hydrogen fuel powered car - BMW car wit logoprovided that the current challenges and barriers are addressed and adequately reduced or eliminated.

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