Proton Motor HyRange hydrogen hybrid bus wins award

Proton Motor HyRange hydrogen hybrid bus wins award

April 22, 2021 0 By Tami Hood

The design received the International Busplaner Sustainability Award at a recent event.

Last week, Proton Motor’s HyRange hydrogen hybrid bus received the International Busplaner Sustainability Award. The company received this award for the cleantech bus, which can be powered by H2 fuel.

Proton Motor received the award at a digital ceremonial event, BUS2BUS by Messe Berlin.

There were winners in 13 different categories at the event. The winners were all companies with products and services with a high potential for serving the bus industry. The hydrogen hybrid bus can operate emission free. The HyRange uses the Proton Motor fuel cell system. The purpose of that system, according to Proton Motor, is to change the way transportation vehicles operate by providing a carbon emission-free alternative. In this way, it makes certain that H2 is used as the fuel and the vehicle’s battery remains fully charged with electricity so that it does not need to rely on fossil fuels.

This represents the fifth consecutive year that Busplaner, the trade magazine from the HUSS publisher, has awarded the International Busplaner Sustainability Award. Proton Motor’s range extender system for commercial vehicles and buses was the specific focus of the award in that category. The company was praised for its climate-neutral innovation performance by way of alternative drive solutions in its HyRange hybrid range extender system.

The hydrogen hybrid bus range extender system makes it possible for battery electric to gain range.

Proton Motor’s technology makes it possible to boost the applications for battery electric, when traditional capacity would be inadequate for operating requirements. Among the various ways in which this tech has potential includes that there is great production flexibility in making hydrogen fuel. Moreover, it can be made primarily – if not entirely – from renewable resources, making it possible to produce green hydrogen. This is a type of H2 fuel made using power from zero-emission renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

As a result, many view the combination of hydrogen fuel with fuel cells for the mobility sector to be a Hydrogen hybrid Bus - Image of a buspowerful one with a great deal of potential. Proton Motor’s hydrogen hybrid bus is a key example of the direction this technology can take, and the company received the award for its innovation.

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