ZeroAvia hydrogen plane project scores Washington state grant support

ZeroAvia hydrogen plane project scores Washington state grant support

January 11, 2022 0 By Tami Hood

The Governor’s Strategic Reserve Fund grant will help the company at its Snohomish County flight facility.

The Washington State Department of Commerce has just announced that it is awarding a $350,000 grant to a ZeroAvia hydrogen plane project. The funds are in support of the economic development the company will bring to the region upon selecting Paine Field, Snohomish County as its flight facility location.

The funds were requested by Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC) for the local economic investment.

The grant will be invested into the conversion of a warehouse building into a hydrogen plane project office and research and development space. The site is in Everett and is owned by the county.

In order to occupy the facilities and ready the site for their 20 design and software engineer launch team, the company will be leveraging its $5.5 million refurbishment budget. This will support certain elements of the ZA2000 powertrain development meant for a Havilland DHC-8-400 (Q400) aircraft in collaboration with Alaska Airlines. That collaboration recently made hydrogen fuel news headlines.

ZeroAvia has established itself as a global leader in aviation hydrogen-electric powertrain propulsion tech. As a component of its R&D, it has already flown the largest commercial-scale hydrogen-electric aircraft in the world.

The company recently selected the Snohomish County site as the location for its third research and development facility. The county is home to a cluster of over 500 aerospace industry companies. That cluster generates over $60 billion in revenues annually and directly and indirectly supports 159,000 local jobs.

ZeroAvia recently announced that its hydrogen plane projects had received $35 million in investment commitments.

Among the latest investors into ZeroAvia’s H2-powered aircraft propulsion system projects include United Airlines and Alaska Air Group. This only added to the investments they had already received from the Climate Pledge Fund at Amazon and from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures among others.

Hydrogen plane - ZeroAvia Plane - Val Miftakhov YouTube

“Our state’s clean energy and clean aviation future just got stronger. This project is an important part of Snohomish County’s continuing efforts to maintain a competitive edge and strengthen the
community with good jobs in the aerospace industry of the future. It enables advances in
manufacturing and exploring opportunities for cleaner aircraft fuel,” said Governor Jay Inslee. In a news release announcing the hydrogen plane project grant.


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