Solvay announces the launch of a new hydrogen platform

Solvay announces the launch of a new hydrogen platform

January 15, 2021 0 By Bret Williams

The company is aiming to make its polymer membranes tech a central element in the H2 market.

Solvay recently announced the launch of a new hydrogen platform that will combine all the Group’s chemical solutions and innovative materials. The goal is to provide a concise tool to help push the emerging H2 economy forward.

At the core of the new launch is the company’s membrane technology (ion conducting polymer).

The membrane technology is a necessary component in the hydrogen production process. Through this hydrogen platform, Solvay is enhancing its H2 market dedicated resources. This includes its research and innovation efforts.

Beginning in 2021, Solvay has implemented teams that are fully dedicated to research, engineering, sales, and marketing. They work with each other to develop the company’s added value for the future H2 market.

Beyond the hydrogen platform, Solvay has also been working on a range of other products and strategies.

Along with the membrane technology, Solvay will also be bringing a number of other H2 applications and components to the market. These will include such things as hydrogen tanks. This will occur under the Aquivion® brand, which is taking aim at holding a central role in electrolyser and fuel cell markets.

“The hydrogen economy has taken-off, and with our new hydrogen platform, we are partnering with our customers in the electrolyser and fuel cells space to make it happen,” said Ilham Kadri, Solvay chief executive officer. “Green hydrogen will be one of the most competitive low carbon solutions for transportation applications in the near future and I’m proud that Solvay’s membrane technology will be a key element in the transition towards cleaner mobility, helping the fight against global climate change.”

As an element of this effort, the company has also joined the Hydrogen Council, the CEO-led worldwide initiative that unties leading companies in a single long-term vision and ambition for H2. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition to clean energy. The hydrogen platform just launched by Hydrogen platform - company logo on signSolvay will be a key component of the group’s One Planet initiative. That aims to achieve ten measurable commitments for attaining the SDGs across climate, resources, and better life categories.

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